Entertainment Tip: Alcoholic Party

alcoholic-beverages2Have everyone bring what it takes to make ‘their signature’ drink…. along with a favorite appetizer with enough for everyone. Great experience and great conversation starters. Challenge guests to make a special one-of-a-kind drink if they don’t already have one – and allow people who don’t drink to bring in a special non-alcoholic ‘signature’ drink so they can feel incorporated into the festivities.

New Years Non-Alcoholic Punch

293924_10151421071540579_535014668_nI always feel awkward this time of the year because  parties and get-togethers always make me feel weird because I don’t drink. (at all) I have been welcomed with non-alcoholic beverages because they know I don’t drink but I never like to make a hostess feel “put out” by my account.  This punch could be enjoyed by people who drink or not and would make the non-alcoholic who may be attending your party a little less awkward. Place a little hand written note beside all punches you may serve that it is alcoholic or non-alcoholic so as not to single out the non drinkers. This punch sounds very delicious so I would have more made up in pitchers (depending on how many will be attending) so when it runs out you can just add more.

Ice Chest Drink Spill Catcher

Cut a 2 liter of pop/drink like shown above. Will eliminate drink spillage when guests are visiting and make one less thing for you to cleanup. Once done wash and dry and store inside the cooler for the next time.

Cinnamon Mouthwash – A Country Store Recipe

8 1/2 tbls powdered cinnamon

1 cup 100 proof vodka

1 cup water

Mix and store in an airtight container and let sit for two weeks shaking twice daily. Strain the liquid through coffee filter.


Mix one tablespoon in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth to brighten your spirits, kill bacteria, and kill bad breath.