New Years Non-Alcoholic Punch

293924_10151421071540579_535014668_nI always feel awkward this time of the year because  parties and get-togethers always make me feel weird because I don’t drink. (at all) I have been welcomed with non-alcoholic beverages because they know I don’t drink but I never like to make a hostess feel “put out” by my account.  This punch could be enjoyed by people who drink or not and would make the non-alcoholic who may be attending your party a little less awkward. Place a little hand written note beside all punches you may serve that it is alcoholic or non-alcoholic so as not to single out the non drinkers. This punch sounds very delicious so I would have more made up in pitchers (depending on how many will be attending) so when it runs out you can just add more.


2 thoughts on “New Years Non-Alcoholic Punch

  1. Hi, Jeff! This sounds like a great recipe. I also do N/A beverages, often because I am the Designated Driver. One that I use is similar, based on a Mimosa. I use Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider and either plain orange juice or Dole’s Pineapple/Orange/Banana (my preference is actually their pineapple/Passion/Banana, but I can no longer find it…). Another good mix is Seagram’s Green Tea Ginger Ale (awesome mixer!) and any fruit juice of your choice.


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