How to Give Your Home Natural-Born Style? 

Bringing the nature indoors has been a centuries’ long desire for so many people. They strived to inject calmness and serenity into their living spaces, and achieve that homey, welcoming feel. Moreover, the growing environmental awareness and dire environmental problems have nurtured a fertile ground for a natural approach to take hold. A modern natural-born style summons sheer beauty, it echoes the comforting vibe of the natural world, but also adapts to fit the interior landscape.


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The real deal

Mother Nature is not easy to emulate and duplicate. It is best to not even try; and embrace natural materials that are the bedrock of an organic style. Wood, stone, and metal infuse the living environment with texture and more depth, which is to say that one has to let them take central stage. This is a distinctive type of glamour, which is bling- and glitter-intolerant. It encourages you to expose rather than conceal the flawed, pristine beauty of materials like wood.

While digital information flies across great distances, interiors are undergoing a Stone Age revolution. Namely, materials like marble are gaining traction as they bring texture, tone, and subtle patterns. Some homeowners have rugged, natural rock walls, but even if you are devoid of such resource, you can make the magic happen. After all, granite can be utilized for countertops and backsplashes in the kitchen.


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Plant the organic seeds

I have also seen extraordinary examples of roof beams and railroad ties being used in décor. A reclaimed pair of oak beams can provide material for shelving, while dark mahogany brings a unique flavor to the living room. Those who possess a burning stove or open fire are blessed with a fiery focal point, and a good excuse to store firewood in a decorative fashion.

Wood has a place all around us, but nowhere is it so obvious than in a farmhouse kitchen style, which is deeply rooted in organic charm. The traditional farm life is brimming with modesty, but it also features amazing solutions like rustic wood floors. In any event, choose materials and solutions that resonate with your sense of style and allow you to personalize the space.


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Driftwood, for example, can be dried out and whitewashed in order to create unusual centerpieces. Likewise, one may employ window coverings like plantation shutters that act not only as light controllers, but also sound buffers and privacy wardens.Get into the art of recycling and upcycling, which suits the organic theme perfectly: Countertops can be made from scaffolding planks and wine crates used to assemble DIY wall storage.

Furthermore, do not neglect flowers and plants: They are an inexpensive and stylish way to refresh your interior design and enjoy the bits of rejuvenating nature inside. Note that you can amplify the effect by matching the color of the blooms with décor and design elements. And if you do not want to put your green fingers to use, opt for botanical-print fabrics and wallpapers.


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Visual symphony

Always be inventive and think outside the box. A wooden backdrop is just what you need, but once you have set the stage, it is time to introduce some contrast. Sleek, metallic items are a safe bet, as they compliment the soothing natural savor. Bear that in mind when picking furniture, fittings, and décor items, and think in terms of copper, natural brass, and gold finishes. Pull together a shimmering spectacle with plenty of natural light and reflective surfaces.

Finally, take advantage of artisanal textiles and form a symphony of colors and patterns. Handcrafted fabrics spark visual interest, and throws, pillows, and rugs emanate a natural feel and soften the space. That way, you do not have to worry about materials like steel disrupting the natural sensation. Even an exposed brick wall loses some of its edginess in the presence of a soft sheep wool throw placed over an antique armchair.


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Born to be wild

Done right, a natural look can be sophisticated and enthralling. It makes you feel at peace and content in your living environment. Wood is still the king of the natural realm, but it needs loyal minions in the form of fabrics, metals, stone, and plant life. So, reveal craftsmanship and natural charm at their finest. Enjoy the natural embrace of your environment and immerse in the allure of organic solutions. Invite the nature into every room of your home and do not miss a chance to take the warmth and coziness to the next level.

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