How To Prep Your Garden For Cold Winter Months

Having a nice and healthy garden requires certain effort on your part, especially when colder months are as good as here. Of course, your outdoor garden has to get proper sleep so that it can flourish during the spring season. With some changes and a little bit of work, you’ll give your lovely garden perfect conditions for quality winter sleep. So, if you’re unsure about the basic needs of your plants and trees during this cold period, keep on reading.

image-5Some cutting is necessary

Take a good look at your plants and bushes. There will undoubtedly be some dry foliage and stems. It’s very important to cut those back so that you can avoid further decomposition. Also, make sure to collect all the seeds that plants have to offer for the following season.

Remove the weeds

Any type of weed and debris should be removed from the plants’ surroundings before the ground gets too hard. This will allow them to get enough nutrients even during the winter months so that they can look healthy in spring. Also, weeds and debris can attract different pests, so your garden will definitely benefit with them gone.

Add organic compost

With dead plant debris, leaves and other organic waste you can make your own effective and protective compost soil that will keep the plants warm and provide them with nutrients. Make sure to add an extra layer of protective soil once the ground hardens completely. Snow will act as a good protective layer from the cold, but you also need this alternative since you cannot count on snow throughout the whole winter.

image-2Protect the trees

Trees also need adequate protection during winter months. Make sure to add tree-guard products. You can make these yourself or purchase the premade ones. This will significantly reduce the possibility of hungry critters munching on the bark. Also, don’t forget to prune the trees properly. Even though snow will act as a protective layer, drier branches can break under its weight which can be very dangerous.

What about Christmas tree?

If you plan on having a live Christmas tree, make sure to tend to it properly beforehand. This includes digging the hole in the ground for the tree before it gets too hard. Also, make sure to keep the soil somewhere safe in order to prevent freezing. Your garage can serve this purpose perfectly.

image-4Turn off all water sources

Removing water from your garden will actually prevent the soil, plants as well as garden props from freezing. Therefore, make sure to turn off your garden pipe and store the hose in the garage. If you have garden sprinkles, don’t forget to turn these off, too. Moreover, drain the fuel from any of your garden machinery such as lawn mowers.

Rake the leaves

Don’t leave the fallen leaves scattered around your garden. Instead, make sure to rake them and gather them on your pile for organic compost. Still, there will always be organic material that’s too decomposed for this purpose. Don’t try to make it work, but get the organic waste removed in JNS skip bins and similar services.


Some plants will require more specific work compared to others when it comes to prepping for the winter season. In that respect, make sure to do a thorough research so that you know how to deal with every type of plant, herb, vegetable or shrub in your garden. The above-mentioned steps are the ultimate basics for effective winter garden prep, but you still need to pay special attention to tenderer flora that you want to take care of.

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