Great Tips To Help Create The Perfect Basement Bedroom


There is a point in all of our lives when we wish to have a bit more space in our homes. That need usually comes when we have friends or relatives staying over and we don’t have enough space for everyone to sleep peacefully. However, there is a simple solution to such problems – a basement bedroom. Basements are usually neglected in homes, but they can actually be transformed into a comfortable spare room. So, if your basement is not finished, this is your chance to make it look like a dream bedroom.

Have an Escape Plan

In most countries, a local building code says that every basement living space must have an emergency escape and rescue openings. However, even if your local authorities are not particular about it, you should have an emergency escape plan for the sake of your own safety and the safety of your family. Even if your neighborhood is quiet and friendly, you never know when a fire or natural disaster might occur, and having an escape plan in your basement can be a life saver. The best and smartest option is to install egress windows, which will not only provide a convenient escape route, but they will let plenty of natural light in the room.


Thorough Inspection

Even though your basement seems okay to you, you can never know in what state it is unless you are an expert. The first thing you need to know is whether there is a possibility of converting the basement into a living space, and it is hard to do so without the experts, such is building inspection Sydney. The experts will tell you if the ceiling is high enough for the space to be used; they will pinpoint any weak spots of the structure and tell you how to fix them; they will even help you plan a good escape route and they will make sure the foundation and installations are functional.

Ceiling and Flooring

Basement bedroom will need to look cozy and elegant, and the best solution for that is a drywall finish with a few decorative ceiling beams. Such walls and ceiling will give the room a distinct identity, while preserving the ambiance as close to the other rooms in your home as possible. Also, no matter how big the basement is, you should stick to the style and color schemes that you already have in the rest of the house in order to provide the sense of continuity. As far as flooring is concerned, solid wood flooring is not the option in the basement. This is due to the humidity and possible temperature variations which can greatly affect and bend the wood. Instead, you can opt for laminate tile and carpets; you can even choose a stylish rug to enhance and elevate the look of the new bedroom.


Let There Be Light

Light is important in each home, but it is as twice as important in the basement bedroom. Since natural source of light is limited, you have to choose artificial lighting fixtures wisely. Opt for layers of lighting that will enhance the atmosphere in the bedroom and still keep it cozy. Have a couple of bedside scones for late night reading and add ceiling fixtures and space them through the room evenly. However, if possible, provide as much natural light as possible because it can greatly improve the air quality in the basement while providing warmth.

Go for Luxury

No matter who uses the new bedroom, you should always go for luxury. That is, you should invest in a luxurious comfy bed with quality bedding in order to create the perfect bedroom retreat. Add a few thick comforters and pillows, find fitted bed skirt and pillow shams and you will instantly elevate the room’s design and atmosphere. You can also invest in a few more luxurious bedroom accessories, or create the staircase you always dreamed of.

Don’t be a homeowner with a shabby basement that has no purpose. If you are patient and creative enough, you can create a dream bedroom for your own personal use or for all of your guests.

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