2017 Garden Design Trends

If you think your garden looks outdated and plain, it’s time for a makeover. Garden design trends evolve from year to year, and every time they bring along new possibilities and great ideas. Turn your garden into a fabulous relaxing oasis full of greenery and gorgeous décor. Take your time to research, and make sure you check out some of our ideas which will help you create a wonderful and unique garden.


Sturdy and comfortable furniture is essential for gardens. Since you don’t want to think whether it’s going to be damaged by rain or snow, make sure you choose the furniture made of durable materials. Iron and wood are great choices. Zinc, rusty steel and wicker are the top materials for 2017, so make sure to check them out as well when you decide to buy new garden furniture. A large bench, with a couple of chairs and a table would look great in any garden. Add stylish cushions and create the perfect little nook you can relax in.

Day bed, with base cushion and pillows would be an excellent addition to the relaxing area. You’d be able to completely unwind with a good book, and enjoy fresh air laying on the comfortable garden bed. The perfect accent to an entire décor would be a fireplace. Additionally, consider buying a barbeque that you’ll light up once or twice a month, for a great outdoor party with your friends.


The technology around lighting has evolved so much that all the different effects a proper set of lights can create will amaze you. Invest in LED lighting to create the perfect setting. They both make a great ambience and save energy. You can buy LED candles, and set their lighting scheme with a remote. In addition, they can change colour so you’ll always have a new kind of lighting available for your mood. Hang a couple of lights on the trees and above the dining area to create a romantic setting during the night.


Pre-planted tomato pots, herb gardens, and even whole vegetable plots would look perfect in your garden. A touch of different colours would be amazing for the green grass.  Furthermore, plant various roses, azaleas, and other gorgeous flowers that will give your garden a pop of colour. Rose bush, a bonsai tree or peonies, every one of these wonderful flowers would perfectly decorate your garden. Make sure to keep some of the flowers in cobalt blue, metallic and lime green smooth planters. This way the garden will look even better.

If you’d like to start growing your own crops, plant tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce in order to get even more colour into your garden. However, don’t forget to protect your crops against weeds, insects and diseases with a quality boom sprayerThey’ll grow nicely, and no pests will damage them.

image-3Decorative Items

Fountains, patios and gazebos are a wonderful addition to any garden. If your garden is large enough, make sure to incorporate some of these items into the design. A luscious fountain would be soothing, and help you relax once you lay down to your garden bed. A patio can be the perfect sanctuary for you, and a place where you can relax and enjoy the sunset.

A variety of hedges and planting would look incredible in your garden. Choose those in different shapes and sizes and create the unique garden design. Remember you’ll have to trim them regularly in order to keep them beautiful.

Garden designing has never been easier. All you need to do is be creative, think about the perfect furniture, plants and decorations that will transform your garden into a gorgeous oasis. Check out the previous suggestions and you’ll definitely find something that you can incorporate into your design.





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