Cookie Gingerbread House


CREDIT: Yeners Way

Multi-Peak Gingerbread House With Lace


The lacework on the house and what makes up the fence is a really nice design. It looks especially good because of the contrast between the dark gingerbread and the white icing. It is unique to see a gingerbread house with so many peaks.

CREDIT: Torten Gallery

Whimsical Red & White Candy House


How much fun is this cool house? The house is meant to be fun and whimsical with each section being slightly askew The roof lines don’t follow simple lines either. Reminds me of houses in Dr. Seuss.

Gingerbread Chalet


Here are some really neat gingerbread Christmas trees that are just iced on one side in each section. The A frame gingerbread house has a simple feel but looks really nice.