Folding Card Table Playhouse

16251775_1852856608290758_4970716293962651417_oWow! My little three year old daughter would just love this. Right now she has a tunnel that collapses that she loves going through. She loves the idea of going under the table so this would make a great place for her to go in and play.

Unfortunately, I do not have the directions to make this – it is more an idea that I just wanted to pass along. If anyone has instructions or where this originally came from to give credit please let me know.

Remodeling Your Home? Here’s How to Avoid Some Common Mistakes By Diana Smith

image-1A thorough home renovating project requires some major planning and even if you know precisely what you wish to accomplish with your remodel, you can expect to run into more than a few obstacles on your way. So, let’s see what are some of the most common mistakes in home remodeling projects and in what ways can you avoid them:


Avoiding Budget Mistakes

Definitely the most common and, at the same time, biggest mistake in remodeling projects is not setting a realistic budget beforehand. A budget can undermine your project in a variety of ways, spending more than you can afford being the most common. This leaves many people in debts and with unfinished remodels. On the other hand, there’s also the mistake of trying to save money by saving on materials and tools. This can lead to some shoddy work, which can later on end up costing you much more than you originally hoped. The best way to avoid all these things from occurring is to make a detailed budget plan, list all the work you need to do and add another 20% on your original sum. This budget is going to cover all your expenses, but also give you a bit of space to cover some minor accidents (just in case.)


Avoiding Contractor Mistakes

Many people tend to fall into the trap of hiring the first contractor they find, or even worse – the first that offers them the lowest bid. While paying the lowest fare for a contractor surely is tempting, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best deal you can make. It’s important to find an experienced and qualified contractor, so you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth (even if that means paying a bit extra). The other common mistake is not hiring a contractor at all and relying on your own two hands to do all the work. It would be best to realistically evaluate what type of work you’re able to do on your own and where you should seek help from an expert.


Avoiding Safety Mistakes

While you might think that you can save both money and time by avoiding to meet some basic safety standards, this can greatly sabotage the remodeling. This is exactly why it’s crucial to take all the safety precautions into consideration, including not only safety equipment and gear but also conducting a detailed home inspection before officially starting your remodeling project. A hired professional inspecting your home can uncover a lot of irregularities and failures which need to be taken care of during the renovation. The best solution is to identify all the potential issues beforehand so you’d get an opportunity to add these errors to your to-do list. Hiring an inspector to examine your house after you’ve finished with the remodel is also smart, but it’s much better to fix everything before the end of the project.


Avoiding Planning Mistakes

Planning is a crucial aspect of every home remodel and it’s critical to plan everything to the smallest detail if you want your remodeling to go smoothly. This includes not only designing a timeline of the repairs, but also considering their factors such as the complete layout of the house. Professionals who design project homes in Sydney advise to carefully plan the location of your electrical and plumbing systems so you’d be able to construct a functional residence suitable for future development.

Big projects such as these are known to be quite overwhelming at certain points, but very rewarding. So, before you dive into this venture, it’s best to be prepared for what awaits you in the following period. It’s best to inquire about all possible outcomes and get a grasp of some of the most common obstacles and mistakes that you should strive to avoid.





Buy Or Extend – What’s Your Best Choice?

4It comes a time in a person’s life when the house they currently live in is just not big enough for all their needs. You might need some extra space for the children or a home office, or simply feel that it’s time to invest in a bigger home. Two obvious options are presented here – should you buy a new house or extend the one you live in now? The answer is not an easy one and you definitely have to consider all the pros and cons before you make your final decision that would be best for both you and your family.

3Buying a new house


Buying a new home is always an exciting process and it feels encouraging when you picture your new life there. New houses often have better installations and outlets as well. Fresh paint and sparkly clean floors are always something to look forward to. It also signifies a turn of a new page. By carefully choosing your new home, your desires regarding both interior and exterior can be fully met if you’re patient with your search. You can go for a better neighborhood and a place that’s close to schools, supermarkets and other commercial buildings necessary for your comfort.


As much as it is fun and exciting, looking for a new house to buy can also be very exhausting and stressful, especially since you have to deal with selling your old house. Selling a home is a lot more difficult than buying one, not to mention all the paperwork that you have to go through. Of course, if you’re looking to buy a bigger house than the one you currently own, you have to be prepared for spending more money on it, both on the purchase of the house and monthly expenses. What’s more, if the house you want to buy is pretty far from your old place, you’ll have to deal with separation from your friends and neighbors, which is especially difficult for children.

1Extending your own house


There are many advantages of extending your home as well. You definitely won’t have to think about any disturbance in your settled family life in the specific neighborhood. Your daily schedules and activities will remain unchanged during the extension progress. In some cases, extending your home can be done a lot quicker than waiting for a buyer and looking for a perfect new house that’s on sale. Of course, the most obvious advantage of extending your home is the fact that it can be a lot cheaper than actually buying a new property. Moreover, house extensions in Sydney are on high demand since the service can provide you with the best possible realization of your own idea.


When you decide to extend your current house there’s always a possibility of something going wrong and adding to the cost of your extension plans. You can have the misfortune to hire a shady contractor and have a lot of troubles with obtaining all the permits necessary for construction work in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, this is not all there is to it. While in most cases, the cost of extension is lower than the one of buying a new house, sometimes it can happen that the cost is higher, especially when you include cleaning and landscaping services after the extension work.  Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that you and your family won’t be able to use one part of the house during the construction work.

There is no one perfect answer when it comes to the choice between buying a new house or extending the one that you currently own. With all the pros and cons available for your own research, you should carefully analyze what seems like the best investment for your own position and needs. When it comes to the cost calculations, remember to always check the extra money that you’d be spending after selling and buying a new house and compare it with the price of extension as well as added 20% because some additional costs will always be necessary. Of course, you don’t have to make this kind of a decision on your own. Make sure to include all of your family members in the discussion so that you can work out a plan that suits you the best.





Multi-Peak Gingerbread House With Lace


The lacework on the house and what makes up the fence is a really nice design. It looks especially good because of the contrast between the dark gingerbread and the white icing. It is unique to see a gingerbread house with so many peaks.

CREDIT: Torten Gallery