Unclog Drains With Alka Seltzer

Let’s face it, your drains are always going to clog eventually. Cleaners and tools can be expensive, especially when it comes time to call the plumber. Luckily, you might have some Alka Seltzer and vinegar around the house, which can be combined to lifehack away at your clogged drains!

Just drop two tablets of Alka Seltzer down your drain. Pour in a cup of vinegar after and wait for a couple of minutes. Then fill a container with hot water and rinse out your drain and you should be good to go!

Scrub Away With Power

Need some heavy firepower for the tougher bathroom stains? No problem. Time to bring out the power drill. Just whip out your tool box and attach a scrubber with strong bristles to the drill bit part of your power drill. Use your bathroom cleaning spray of choice and grind away!

Clean Your Showerhead

Fill up a sandwich bag with distilled vinegar and wrap if around your shower head. Then use some string to tie the bag around the neck of the shower head so that it is closed tight. Let the bag remain overnight and your shower will be looking good as new!

Design Tips For A Modern Bathroom

Besides comfort and functionality, a bathroom should also have a little style. After all, we spend a lot of time in it and want to make it as enjoyable as possible. Use a combination of clean lines and geometric shapes to give your bathroom a modern look. Turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis where you will enjoy spending time. Here are a few tips to help you modernize your bathroom.

image-3Make it simple

When it comes to modern design, simpler is really better. The idea is to keep the bathroom clean of clutter. This will give a feeling of an open space, which will also make it look larger. Use built-in shelves and cabinets to hide all items, such as a hairdryer, make up, perfumes and similar. Throw the laundry basket out of the bathroom, it will only take up space and is not a necessary item in a bathroom. Getting rid of the things you don’t use will not only make the bathroom look cleaner but more sophisticated and modern.

Choice of materials

In an attempt to save the planet Earth, more homeowners use eco-friendly materials in all parts of their house, including bathrooms. Using items made of wood or bamboo can add style points to your bathroom. Putting in a cabinet made of natural wood can freshen up the whole bathroom. Combine this with the right choice of modern looking tiles and your bathroom will look magnificent.


Ceramic is not the only option when it comes to bathroom tiles. Brighten up the bathroom with metallic tiles. These brushed steel tiles are sure to draw attention and they will give a bathroom a clean look. Glass tiles are also an option; they will make your bathroom look bigger. When it comes to tile color, going monochromatic is the best option. This will keep the lines clean and put emphasis on the overall design.

If you wish to add contrast, combine warm and cold colors. Don’t use complex designs in a bathroom, this will make it look busy and overwhelming. For a modern look, it is better to keep everything as simple and clean as possible.


Bringing in some plants into the bathroom will make it more sophisticated and make it smell nicer. It is important to use plants that can survive in dim lit room. Bathrooms usually don’t have a lot of windows and unless you have fluorescent light bulbs, this can be a problem. Also, use plants that enjoy high humidity; bathrooms tend to get steamy and humid which can kill certain plants. Nice smelling flowers are also a great idea; orchids, lilies and lotus plants are nice options. If you just want your bathroom to look nicer, get plastic plants or flowers so you don’t have to take care of them.

A bath or a shower

The choice on this one might be determined by how much space you have. A bath can be the main item in the whole bathroom; it gives you an option to lie down and relax at the end of the day. But they can take up a lot of space, so a freestanding bath tub is a better option in a small bathroom. If you are not a bath person, invest in a luxurious shower. You can save up on space by opting for a shower. However, you will need to clean its enclosures regularly. Also, if you have a problem with blocked drains, you can mix some baking soda and vinegar and pour this solution down the clogged drain.


If you are looking to give your bathroom a modern look, then keep it as simple as possible. Don’t use complex designs, avoid cluttering and keep it clean. And bring in some natural materials and greenery to make it look more sophisticated.


Top Interior Trends for 2017 By Diana Smith

Since 2017 is coming, it is the perfect time to redecorate your home and start the new year with a change. A new year means a new beginning, so why not give your living areas a fresh start as well. If you like keeping up with trends, here are some you might want to incorporate into your home décor.


When it comes to colours, 2017 will be dressed in playful, vivid and vibrant colours. The most popular are the different shades of pink, especially flesh, red and peach. Navy blue, deep blue and green are popular colours for furniture items and accessories.  Dark purple and black with glossy surfaces are a match made in designer heaven. A matte finish will be popular in 2017, adding to the elegance of your home. This will put focus on the form, rather than the surface.


As experts point out, the main characteristics of furniture in 2017 will be:

  • Roundedness – Round furniture is the thing of the future. Hard materials, such as marble, with curved edges will give the impression of softness and provide a tactile experience.
  • Custom-made furniture – The ongoing trend that will continue into 2017 is creating your own furniture. Many companies encourage their clients to provide their own ideas and thus contribute to the process of making their own furniture. Not only are the customers allowed to customise colour and finishes, but they can also determine the shape and the size.
  • Functionality – No useless items will be present in the house. Each item should be functional and useful.  Multi-purpose furniture for several purposes will contribute to the stylishness and the spaciousness of your living area.image-21


Kitchen designs in 2017 will include many special features that will make your kitchen stand out. For example, you can include a dining table with casters that will allow you to alter seating arrangement depending on the occasion. However, some classic features, such as open shelves and raw materials, are here to stay.  Since minimalism will continue to be big in 2017, many hidden cabinets or pop-out kitchen items will enable a practical use of space.



Bathrooms should no longer resemble cold, sterile areas. Instead, they should have the feel of warm living spaces. By using different ornaments, graphic wallpaper, and even some furniture items that you wouldn’t usually opt for, you can create a unique bathroom in line with the 2017 trends. Another possible look to go for is the one typical of spas, which will transform your bathroom into an area for fit for relaxing. Include some plants, bring in a music player and light up some candles, and you’ll have a spa experince of your own in no time.


Living Rooms

The experts suggest that a more eclectic interior design is a way to go, which means that you can include a variety of different styles that are to your liking. You can decorate the living room in a way that will reflect your own personality and interests, and emphasise different details. With the technological advances, you can now incorporate a fireplace into your home without having to worry about the smell and indoor air pollution. In 2017, fireplaces will be the centre of the room, replacing the TVs. If you don’t have any spare room, you can use a corner next to the windows of your living room to create an area drenched in sunlight, since sunrooms are all the rage 2017.image-5


Individuality and uniqueness should prevail in your bedroom, as well. Find a style that works for you the most, whether it’s an elegant matte décor, or a room filled with antique furniture. Patterns are rising in popularity, so if they are to your taste, they’ll be a great choice for 2017. If you are ready, you can try out some bold ideas, such as a contemporary room wrapped in wooden walls and ceiling.



As regards the materials that 2017 is bringing, make room for black metal. This simple, but elegant material will be used in combination with wood, or glass. Some designers even offer entire furniture items made of matte black metal. Natural materials typically used outside will find their way in, so don’t hesitate to use decorative concrete to create an interesting, unique and functional living area.

Waiting for the new year is exciting, and we all like entering it with a change. Instead of buying a new phone that will be outdated in only a couple of months, why not redecorate your home and enjoy it for a longer than that.