My Share: Cake Cutter & Server



Cake and pie cutting usually end up with a mess and the edges of pieces you are giving to your guests look choppy. There are all kinds of tips and tricks to use to help with this but what do you do when you are in a gathering where those tips and tricks would be tacky and maybe embarrassing.

I like this cake and pie cuter and server because it is flexible for cake serving. It has a unique and trendy design that is highly functional for serving cake at every special occasion. The flexible design makes it super easy to serve perfectly sliced cake everytime.  Simply press the cake server into your cake, squeeze gently and lift. Then lightly release your grip, gently setting your cake onto your plate.

They offer this on Amazon so that is super cool also if you have Prime so shipping is not an extra issue. I have looked at a few of these in the store and am surprised to see the differences in thickness and quality. This suits me just fine – and the green color is very fashionable now-a-days.


My Share: Druzy Vintage Necklace


Druzy Vintage Necklace is a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.Made really well and is presented so much better in person. The video above is a great showing of the great necklace.

Find out more and buy at:



My Share: Jiraph Electric Stapler with Staple Remover

I recently came upon the Jiraph electric stapler with a free staple remover and wanted to share my thoughts on it. I had an electronic stapler for a few years but alas it no longer wanted to staple my endless supply of papers as i was sorting them out. I find it totally necessary to have an electronic stapler over a manual on my desk at all times because it frees up my other hand while trying to multi-task. 20170127_051127I needed a good strong stapler – I juggle bills, payments, genealogy paperwork, family documents and more so need to staple paperwork several times a day. I had heard of staplers that have problems jamming and malfunctioning so I did a little research before I went ahead and purchase this one on Amazon.

20170127_051305This stapling set includes a quick electric stapler, a handy dandy staple remover, and to top it off, delivered fully loaded with staples so you are ready to go straight out of the box. It claims to be jam free (which I have not had a problem with yet) and boasting a 25-sheet staple capacity so  you will never punch a manual stapler again and can now staple those papers day in and day out without batting an eye!

20170127_051541I think I like the feature that it can run on batteries or with the included cable the most.  Thanks to the battery operated option you can now let your inner staple monster off the leash!It also has a 14 level adjuster so you can make the stapler staple in different depths within your paper. This gives you an effortless, perfect staple each time! This means nice, neat and organized papers. With a lift of the finger you can simply lock in your desired depth, ranging anywhere from .25″ to 1.65″ (6mm-42mm). The stapler is so easy to use – push your papers in and when they hit the sensor in the stapler it automatically staples.

So if you are in need of a stapler – you should consider this stapler as one of your options.



A Great Place For Your Business To Buy Your Silk Plants

silk2I came across a great website for those of you who have a business and need help decorating the front of your shop, shop window, accessories on your retail floor and so much more. The website is and they have just about anything you can imagine to allow your creative juices to just go wild.

This website also works great for hotels, motels, lobbies, offices and many other spaces. If you are looking for something to make your clients or guests feel more comfortable and take them away from a ‘sterile’ environment then this site can help you. They even can do the installations and help with the designs if you are just not sure what to do or where to start.

silk1I purchased several of these wreaths (shown above) and am going to design them for gifts for family and friends but buying in bulk allows you to buy – create – and resell as well. These wreaths are so nice and fluffy – not like the standard Christmas tree wreaths – they are more of an ever green product which will allow the final design to work just about anywhere with any design. I might not give them to family after all, I think they would work well designed for different times of the year. I think I might be selfish and keep them myself.

They have selections that are a bit unusual that I didn’t even know you could buy. Of course everyone knows about the average silk plant s you can buy but did you know you can actually buy a boxwood that can go in the outdoors and look like it has been growing there for years? They have a selection of cactus, trees, backdrops that could be used for a presentation at a trade fair or behind a display of garden items you are selling.

silk3I have had the opportunity now to buy a couple different items from this great company and I will tell you I am very happy with the quality and the fact that they were shipped to make sure the product looks as good as when it was made. The items are not made of cheap materials which means they didn’t come bend or molded in shapes that are not appealing to the eye. Cheap materials can easily change shapes when in boxes for a long time or change with the heat or cold. You will not have to worry about this problem with product from this company.

The set of six wreaths I ordered this last time came in a sturdy box reinforced with cardboard with an insert. The box was tight enough to support the product but not enough to squish the wreaths. This is a concern when buying silk plants because I have received Items I have bought from other companies and the items came with notes that said the items need to be allowed time to fluff up. What? If the product is made from good material and the shipment is given priority then this is never going to be a problem.

silk4So if you are in need of some sprucing up with some decorations for your facility do not hesitate to check this website out. If you have any questions call and ask – they are extremely helpful and will make your purchase smooth even with the nice website they have setup which allows for a quick easy purchase – that is once you decide on what to buy. I searched and searched and found all kinds of cool things I wanted. Too bad money doesn’t grow on silk trees, huh?

Check out this cool video for ore information:

You can check out their website by visiting:

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My Share: Nutro Essence Colon Detox



colonHere is another product that is something I looked forward to trying. This time of year, of course, we are all putting on our best attempt to get healthy. Most of us are now watching calories and attempting more physical activities. But have you thought about what goes on inside your body and wondered what you can do to be more healthy inside along with eating better. Here is a product you should consider.

Forget about wellness colon cleansers that include ingredients of questionable quality that do not offer any visible results. This natural body detox cleanse and weight loss supplement for men and women includes powerful antioxidants and fruit powder that is rich in vitamins. Moreover, it does not contain any fillers or preservatives and it is FDA and GMP registered too!

Forget about struggling to lose weight and try this organic weight loss dietary supplement now! By boosting your metabolism, it will help you get rid of these extra pounds and acquire the body shape you have always dreamt of, impressing everyone with the new you!

The Nutro Essence all natural weight loss colon cleanse can help you improve your energy levels and enhance your general performance. Thanks to its vitamin and acid rich formula, it can allow you to feel active and ready to seize the day on a daily basis!

This natural colon and liver cleanse can eliminate any toxins thanks to its powerful antioxidants. What is more, it can eliminate any free radicals and prevent constipation, while supporting excellent gastrointestinal system function and full nutrient and vitamin absorption too!