My Share: Jiraph Electric Stapler with Staple Remover

I recently came upon the Jiraph electric stapler with a free staple remover and wanted to share my thoughts on it. I had an electronic stapler for a few years but alas it no longer wanted to staple my endless supply of papers as i was sorting them out. I find it totally necessary to have an electronic stapler over a manual on my desk at all times because it frees up my other hand while trying to multi-task. 20170127_051127I needed a good strong stapler – I juggle bills, payments, genealogy paperwork, family documents and more so need to staple paperwork several times a day. I had heard of staplers that have problems jamming and malfunctioning so I did a little research before I went ahead and purchase this one on Amazon.

20170127_051305This stapling set includes a quick electric stapler, a handy dandy staple remover, and to top it off, delivered fully loaded with staples so you are ready to go straight out of the box. It claims to be jam free (which I have not had a problem with yet) and boasting a 25-sheet staple capacity so  you will never punch a manual stapler again and can now staple those papers day in and day out without batting an eye!

20170127_051541I think I like the feature that it can run on batteries or with the included cable the most.  Thanks to the battery operated option you can now let your inner staple monster off the leash!It also has a 14 level adjuster so you can make the stapler staple in different depths within your paper. This gives you an effortless, perfect staple each time! This means nice, neat and organized papers. With a lift of the finger you can simply lock in your desired depth, ranging anywhere from .25″ to 1.65″ (6mm-42mm). The stapler is so easy to use – push your papers in and when they hit the sensor in the stapler it automatically staples.

So if you are in need of a stapler – you should consider this stapler as one of your options.



Repurpose A Broken Watch

watch watches picture pictures victorian old antique not working

What a great idea for that broken watch sitting in your drawer with no purpose other then you don’t want to get rid of it because of sentimental value. Here is a great solution – replace the watch and dials with a photo of a departed loved one or from a special occasion. You can also get rid of the watch battery to make the new bracelet a little bit lighter. You should be able to remove the watch back with a little bit of prying from a tiny flat headed screwdriver. Remove the hands and face of the watch and use the watch face as a templet for your picture. Glue down with instant glue or use mod podge to seal well. Replace back and now you have a great piece of jewelry and have given repurpose to a watch that now you do not have to throw away. It does have a sense of Victoriana about it when completed.