My Share: Cake Cutter & Server



Cake and pie cutting usually end up with a mess and the edges of pieces you are giving to your guests look choppy. There are all kinds of tips and tricks to use to help with this but what do you do when you are in a gathering where those tips and tricks would be tacky and maybe embarrassing.

I like this cake and pie cuter and server because it is flexible for cake serving. It has a unique and trendy design that is highly functional for serving cake at every special occasion. The flexible design makes it super easy to serve perfectly sliced cake everytime.  Simply press the cake server into your cake, squeeze gently and lift. Then lightly release your grip, gently setting your cake onto your plate.

They offer this on Amazon so that is super cool also if you have Prime so shipping is not an extra issue. I have looked at a few of these in the store and am surprised to see the differences in thickness and quality. This suits me just fine – and the green color is very fashionable now-a-days.