Bring In Some Magic In Your Landscape Courtesy Faux Ancient Sequoia Tree

urlEvery office has its own virtues and story. The landscaping and décor in the offices should convey its virtues to the viewers and it pays a great role in drawing people at the offices and maintaining the environment at office. So, the landscaping at the public places and offices should be done carefully keeping in mind the message conveyed to the viewers. Some modern landscaping ideas like having an entire tall tree in the office can bring in the magic and elegance to your office. Something like the ancient Sequoia tree can do wonders to your office environment and would be a great example of modern landscaping ideas.

Reasons for using the artificial greenery

Using the natural Sequoia tree at your office landscape would be impossible as it is very rarely available and planting an entire tree in the landscape would be impossible. So, the idea of using artificial greenery is useful and it will be advantageous than using any natural plants in the office. The large artificial plants like the Sequoia will be a great view in the office and the item is suitable for indoor use as well as in the outdoors. So, a rare sight of an entire tree in the office will be awesome landscaping idea.

Advantages of artificial greenery

Here are some of the advantages of artificial greenery over the natural ones:

  • The artificial plants, as they are not natural, won’t have a natural growth rate, death and decay. So, once you have invested on it, you need not worry about it going old or dying. You can instead shift it from one place to another as per requirement.
  • As the artificial plants don’t have any death or decay, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the litter from the office on a daily basis. Talking about the large artificial plants like Sequoia, they will generate a lot of leaves and other waste which will be a major issue.
  • The artificial greenery will not require regular maintenance like the real ones and won’t require regular watering and daily care. It can go on forever without care.
  • Using the artificial greenery, the large artificial plans like sequoia will be possible inside the office for landscaping which will be impossible using the natural plants.
  • A hygienic environment will also be maintained in the office which would not have been possible using the natural tree as it will attract a lot of flies and birds which will again litter the place.
  • The large artificial plants like sequoia will also be best for indoor and outdoor use as natural plants will only be available outdoors where it will get sunlight and other ideal conditions for growth.
  • The artificial greenery is made from fire retardant material which will reduce a fire breakout in the office.

Bring in the magic of the faux Sequoia tree

The office landscape is usually known to be monotonous and a boring one. But bringing in some really interesting landscaping or décor items like the artificial Sequoia tree can turn on the office atmosphere from a dull and boring one to an interesting one almost instantly. It will not only draw more and more people to your office, but will also keep them interested and mesmerized with such an amazing view in the office. Having an amazing and charming landscape in the office will also keep the employees morale high and they will be interested to work more and that will help your company in turn.

The ancient sequoia also has a specialty of its own to stand out among the rest as a landscaping item. It is known to be the world’s largest living tree and its cones and seed are also special. So, having an ancient giant faux sequoia in your office will not only seem magical and unreal but will also bring in the elements of ancient nature. You can also create your own theme of landscaping for your office indoors and outdoors. The faux ancient sequoia is available in different sizes from 4’ to 8’ which allows you to choose your own size for your office landscape.

Placing the faux ancient sequoia tree at the office indoors

The office indoors can be a great place for your magical landscaping item or the faux ancient sequoia tree. The advantage with indoors is that artificial greenery, especially the large artificial plants will look more unreal and charming when they are placed indoors. They will catch the attention and draw more people. Here are some of the locations to put your faux sequoia tree:

  • The reception- it is the best place if you want to treat your visitors with the magical view of the ancient sequoia tree in your office. The awesomeness will leave people mesmerized.
  • Near the entrance- it is a great spot if you want people to catch a glimpse of the ancient sequoia tree right after entering the office, placing it near the entrance will be a great option.
  • At the cafeteria- you can also place the ancient sequoia tree at the cafeteria where workaholics meet for refreshment and relaxing. The magnificent sight will be pleasing to the eye.
  • Conference room- the faux sequoia tree can also be placed at the conference room for refreshing the mood at the serious and monotonous business conferences.

Placing the faux ancient sequoia tree at the office outdoors

At the outdoors, having a large artificial plant will seem quite natural but a sequoia tree will always be a treat to the eyes. You can place the faux sequoia tree at the main entrance or at any lawn where maximum people can see it. You can also gain the attention and admiration of all the people by placing it at any party or official gathering. You can also try some of your ideas and look for the best results.


The artificial sequoia is a great option for indoor as well as outdoor landscaping in the offices as it is magnificent and has an unreal attribute associated with it. You can bring in its awesomeness in to your office by placing landscaping with the faux sequoia tree.

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silk2I came across a great website for those of you who have a business and need help decorating the front of your shop, shop window, accessories on your retail floor and so much more. The website is and they have just about anything you can imagine to allow your creative juices to just go wild.

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silk1I purchased several of these wreaths (shown above) and am going to design them for gifts for family and friends but buying in bulk allows you to buy – create – and resell as well. These wreaths are so nice and fluffy – not like the standard Christmas tree wreaths – they are more of an ever green product which will allow the final design to work just about anywhere with any design. I might not give them to family after all, I think they would work well designed for different times of the year. I think I might be selfish and keep them myself.

They have selections that are a bit unusual that I didn’t even know you could buy. Of course everyone knows about the average silk plant s you can buy but did you know you can actually buy a boxwood that can go in the outdoors and look like it has been growing there for years? They have a selection of cactus, trees, backdrops that could be used for a presentation at a trade fair or behind a display of garden items you are selling.

silk3I have had the opportunity now to buy a couple different items from this great company and I will tell you I am very happy with the quality and the fact that they were shipped to make sure the product looks as good as when it was made. The items are not made of cheap materials which means they didn’t come bend or molded in shapes that are not appealing to the eye. Cheap materials can easily change shapes when in boxes for a long time or change with the heat or cold. You will not have to worry about this problem with product from this company.

The set of six wreaths I ordered this last time came in a sturdy box reinforced with cardboard with an insert. The box was tight enough to support the product but not enough to squish the wreaths. This is a concern when buying silk plants because I have received Items I have bought from other companies and the items came with notes that said the items need to be allowed time to fluff up. What? If the product is made from good material and the shipment is given priority then this is never going to be a problem.

silk4So if you are in need of some sprucing up with some decorations for your facility do not hesitate to check this website out. If you have any questions call and ask – they are extremely helpful and will make your purchase smooth even with the nice website they have setup which allows for a quick easy purchase – that is once you decide on what to buy. I searched and searched and found all kinds of cool things I wanted. Too bad money doesn’t grow on silk trees, huh?

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