How To CreateAan Industrial Style Bathroom

Our personal style is reflected in every part of our lives – the way we dress, the choices we make and how we decorate our surroundings. Sometimes, however, expanding your style to all parts of your home can be a bit difficult. This is especially so when it comes to rooms like bathroom, which is so often thought of as having one “default” look. But in reality, bathrooms can look as unique as any other room in your house and yes, you can even introduce the industrial look to them.

faucet-1529179_960_720What makes the industrial style?

You might think that this is a great idea, but you might not know where to start! What is, exactly, the industrial style? Simply explained, it’s a branch of the huge “vintage style” tree and it is supposed to remind us of the industrial times, which is why it often features a factory-like atmosphere. As dark and monotone as that may sound, the industrial style actually has many different subcategories that can range from very dark and gloomy to super-light and quirky. You can look online for inspiration and find the style that suits you best.

The base

The look of walls and floors is the key element of industrial style. You really can’t put some vintage furniture into a white-tiled bathroom and expect it to look industrial. So, what are your options? A very popular choice are bare walls – concrete or exposed brick. Both of these will create a unique feeling and make people feel like they have travelled to some other time. Another popular option, especially for floors, is wood. A rough wooden surface may be a bit more difficult to clean, but it will definitely give a new dimension to your industrial bathroom. If you really want to go for tiles, you can opt for small tiles in a checkered print.

bathroom-2132342_960_720The furniture

Not everyone can go and find themselves a real vintage bathtub, but there are other widely available options that will help you achieve the desired effect. A good rule of thumb to follow is: the rougher- looking, the better! Polished surfaces, crisp porcelain and shiny silver faucets were not a thing back in the day, so going for rougher looking materials and pieces like stone baths can help you achieve a vintage look. If you manage to find an old, steampunk-looking piece and repurpose it as a shelf, a holder for your sink or just a magazine holder, you’ve hit gold.

The details

When talking about style, the most important thing to remember is that it’s all about the details, as they are easiest to personalize. A popular choice for the industrial style is detached pipes, especially if they look a bit older and slightly beaten-up. Another thing you can experiment with is light. Always go for warm bulbs and try to find quirky chandeliers that will match your style. Other details can include shower curtains, pictures and paintings, brass towel holders, bird cages, vases and anything else that you like that comes from the vintage family. If you are not sure what style you want to go for, you can check out Pinterest and similar websites for ideas, DIY projects and everything else you are unsure about.


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