Beauty Tricks Australian Women Swear By

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

In southern countries, such as Australia, it is not very difficult to maintain a natural and glowy look since the climate is favorable for achieving that sunkissed tan, beach wavy hair, and toned body as a result of a lot of swimming and outdoor activities. Let’s scroll down to check some of the beauty secrets we can all apply to gain that naturally healthy and shiny look the Australian women swear by. 

Keep it natural

Since the sun and the weather invite them to spend time outdoors, Australians tend to always have that lightly tanned skin which makes using heavy makeup completely unnecessary. A little bit of bronzer or peachy blush to accompany that sunkissed tan and they are ready to go. 

Moisturizers with SPF

Since the sun rays can be very harmful, especially in Australia because of the damaged ozone layer above the Australian sky, women from this country use moisturizers or face foundations that come with SPF so they are always protected. The sun can make your skin dry so this protects and moisturizes at the same time. SPF is not supposed to be used only in the summer but also in the wintertime since the sun rays are still there, although we don’t feel the heat. In case you get sunburnt, use aloe to heal your skin. 

Regular dermatologist visit

Australian people take a lot of care of their skin and put a lot of effort when it comes to preventing some serious diseases like skin cancer. This is why they have regular appointments with dermatologists. Dermatologist Sydney clinics offer a lot of services and anyone can solve any skin issue. Sometimes you can’t solve your skin problems with home remedies. This happens with acne or eczema. A session with a professional dermatologist is advised in cases like that.

Eucalyptus oil

Australia is famous for lovely koalas whose natural food is eucalyptus. Did you know that essential eucalyptus oil can bring so many benefits to your skin as well? It is excellent for scalp hydration and can cure pimples as well. If you can’t find it, a good substitute is an almond oil. Another excellent ingredient for fighting pimples is basil oil. This versatile ingredient can be used in your kitchen but also as a tea for a sore throat. 

Vinegar rinse for shiny hair

Apple vinegar is the best for this purpose, but any other one can do the job as well. The sun, salt, and heat can take away the moisture from the hair and make it look dull and brittle. Bring some shine back to your locks and strands and rinse them with a mixture of water and vinegar from time to time. You will see that the effect is amazing since vinegar also has antiseptic properties and can enhance your scalp health. 

Use Botanics for the beauty

We mentioned the healing properties of eucalyptus but Australian flora is so diverse and rich that many other plants can work in favor of your beauty.  Queen Garnet Plum, Kakadu plum, eucalyptus, quandong, and lemon myrtle are some of the natural antioxidants. You can use them raw or purchase products that contain them as main ingredients. Lemon can even be used as a deodorant. Some of those plants can be a part of your natural organic garden, so you can always have them at hand and fresh. 

Natural exfoliating scrub

Sea salt is amazing for exfoliating. Generally, if you spend a lot of time swimming in the sea or ocean you might not need it since it already nourishes your skin. On the other hand, if you live far from the coast, you can buy some sea salt and combine it with different ingredients to make a DIY body scrub. You can mix it with yogurt, olive oil, or other essential oils. It will leave your skin soft and spotless. 

Beach waves in your hair

Australian girls can pour some ocean water into a bottle with a sprayer and use it to make natural-looking beach waves. It is a hairstyle that is simple, looks natural and never requires heat so it keeps your hair healthy. If you can’t get natural ocean water, just take a look at some DIY salt hair spray recipes

Australians have amazing flora and fauna and they take the best out of it to maintain their good looks and health. Take their lifestyle as an example and provide yourself with some natural beauty ingredients. Don’t forget though, the regular visit to a dermatologist in case you have some skin issues that can’t be remedied by those handmade cosmetic products. 

A Guide To Remove Stains On Clothing

1632_970133209724314_6211927822611896843_nGreat little chart that would be useful to print out and keep posted near your washing machine.

The Naked Egg


1 – is after making the egg naked and putting it in corn syrup
2- is after introducting the naked shriveled egg to water and food dye

This is really cool! It will amaze your kids and teach them some science all at once. Time needed: 4-7 days

Put an egg in a cup and fill it with apple cider vinegar till egg is covered. Cover tightly and let it sit. Each day give it a swirl. At the end you rinse off the egg and VIOLA! A rubber egg! Just be careful…it will bounce but is still delicate and very smelly when it breaks. LOL …Not rotten — just smells like vinegar. Always keep it in the fridge during the whole process!

Added tip: If you place the “naked egg” in corn syrup, it will shrink/shrivel up. The vinegar inside the egg moves through the semi-permeable membrane.

You can then place it in water with food coloring and “color” the inside of the egg and it will fill up again due to osmosis

A Very Cool Sunburn Relief


With the temperatures soaring these days it is always to be better prepared for a family member to get a bad sunburn. I came across this idea and wanted to share it with you – frozen aloe vera. Now I will swear to the use of aloe vera on any burn but the thought of getting a sunburn, and then placing a frozen block of it  on a burn sounds like pure pleasure. Now I do not recommend using the large regular ice cubes, but rather use small sometimes decorative ice cube shapes like is pictured. This is not for the pleasure of looking at a shape but to not use too much aloe vera as it is expensive. When you are done filling your tray remember to keep your aloe vera bottle in the fridge.

Uses For Vinegar

vinegar uses use 35 safe not toxic survival
1. Disinfect wood cutting boards.

2. Soothe a sore throat; use 1 tsp of vinegar per glass of water, then gargle.

3. Fight dandruff; after shampooing, rinse hair with vinegar and 2 cups of warm water.

4. Remove warts; apply daily a 50/50 solution of cider vinegar and glycerin until they’re gone.

5. Cure an upset stomach; drink 2 tsp apple cider vinegar in one cup of water.

6. Polish chrome.

7. Keep boiled eggs from cracking; add 2 tbsp to water before boiling.

8. Clean deposits from fish tanks.

9. Remove urine stains from carpet.

10. Keep fleas off dogs; add a little vinegar to the dog’s drinking water.

11. Keep car windows from frosting up; use a solution of 3 oz. vinegar to 1 oz. water.

12. Clean dentures; soak overnight in vinegar and then brush.

13. Get rid of lint in clothes; add 0.5 cup vinegar to rinse cycle.

14. Remove grease from suede.

15. Kill grass on sidewalks and driveways.

16. Make wool blankets softer; add 2 cups distilled vinegar to rinse cycle.

17. Remove skunk odor from a dog; rub fur with full strength vinegar and rinse.

18. Freshen wilted vegetables; soak them in 1 tbsp vinegar and a cup of water.

19. Dissolve mineral deposits in drip coffee makers.

20. Deodorize drains; pour a cup down the drain once a week, let sit for 30 minutes, then rinse.

21. Use as a replacement for a lemon; 0.25 tsp vinegar substitutes for 1 tsp of lemon juice.

22. Make rice fluffier; add 1 tsp of vinegar to water when it boils.

23. Prevent grease build-up in ovens; wipe oven with cleaning rag soaked in distilled vinegar and water.

24. Kill germs; mix a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

25. Clean a clogged shower head.; pour vinegar into a zip-lock bag and gang it around the shower head. let it soak overnight to remove any mineral deposits.

26. Shine patent leather.

27. Remove the smell from laundry that has been left in the washer too long; pour 1 cup of vinegar in with the load and rewash it.

28. Make propane lantern wicks burn longer/brighter; soak them in vinegar for 3 hours, let dry.

29. Act as an an air freshener.

30. Soften paint brushes; soak in hot vinegar then rinse with soapy water.

31. Remove bumper stickers and decals; simply cover them with vinegar-soaked cloth for several minutes.

32. Prolong the life of fresh-cut flowers; use 2 tbsp of vinegar and 3 tbsp of sugar per quart of warm water

33. Prevent Mildew; Wipe down shower walls with a vinegar solution.

34. Soften calloused feet; soak your feet in a mixture 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water for 30 minutes then scrub them with a pumice stone. The dead skin should slough off easily.

35. Treat Acne; start with a solution of organic apple cider vinegar and water at a ration of 1:8, apply the toner to blemishes and leave on a minimum of 2 minutes.