Food Preservation Help

1. Cheese

Save cheese from drying out and getting moldy, by making your own brine. Into two cups of water dissolve two teaspoons of kosher salt. Stir until the salt dissolves.

Make sure the cheese is completely covered by the brine. If the cheese is already quite salty, you can submerge it in plain water. Store in a closed container in the fridge.

2. Store Garlic

Like those vampires it is reported to scare off, garlic hates light and moisture. To avoid moldy garlic, store it in a dry dark place at room temperature. A great way to do this is to place it in a paper bag punched with holes to keep air circulating. You can also store garlic in the cupboard on a wire-mesh basket. You can safely store garlic like this for up to 6 months.

3. Keep Onions Fresh

Onions can be harvested and stored over the winter. They need to be kept dry and aerated. First, you need to cure them. Spread the onions out in a single layer in a warm airy spot. Once they are dry, trim the roots with scissors. Store dried onions in mesh bags. An easy and inexpensive way to do this is to place them in a clean pair of pantyhose and hang them handy for use.

4. Leftover Tomato Paste

If you have any leftover tomato paste, place it on a baking sheet. Depending on how much you use per meal, you can make a different number of portions. Then roll each portion as a candy, put all your “candies” in a Ziploc bag, and put it in the freezer. You will be able to use it for up to 5 months.

5. Bug-Free Dry Goods

Did you know that a bay leaf will deter insects from making your flour supply their home? Beetles, weevils, moths, cockroaches, ants, and flies do not like the smell of bay leaves. Place dried bay leaves in the containers of your dry goods. It works for flour, rice, and pasta. You can also tape fresh or dried bay leaves inside your cupboards and shelves.

6. Freeze Everything That Can Be Frozen

Fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs can all be frozen and used in the offseason.

Whether you have your own garden or you are buying more of these when in season, freezing them is an excellent way to save money and have fresh foods in the offseason. To freeze fresh herbs, chop and create green ice cubes. These can be popped into soups, stews, and sauces.

7. Wilted Herbs

Place your wilted herbs on a baking tray in the oven for a few minutes. Once they are done, place the herbs in a sealed jar and use them each time you need them.

8. Fresh for longer

Ginger, green onions, and radishes will keep longer and will stay fresh if stored in a sealed container, filled with water.

9. Keep your fruits fresh

Add 3 parts water to 1-part vinegar. Wash your berries in this mixture, dry them and then refrigerate. Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries will last longer and won’t go moldy.

10. Fresh bread for longer

Put a celery stick inside your bag of bread. Your bread won’t get moldy for more than one week.

11. Milk

Put a pinch of table salt in your milk jug and store it in the freezer. The salt will stop your milk from getting spoiled.

12. Bananas

By wrapping the stems of your bananas in a plastic wrap, they will brown much more slowly.

13. Green salad

Store your green salad in a kitchen towel. Put it in a closed container and store it in the freezer. The towel will absorb moisture and your salad will stay fresh for longer.

14. Smart Saucer

You can make a nutritious sauce for pasta with your blender or food processor. Freeze it and it’s ready when you need it. This is a great way to preserve extra tomatoes in season.

15. Try Your Hand at Dehydrating

Here’s another great idea! New dehydrators have several shelves. So, you can dehydrate several foods at once – as long as they have the same dehydration time. The secret’s in the preparation and knowing how long to dehydrate. Most foods can be dehydrated.

16. Get Creative with Appliances

Want to try drying before you purchase a dehydrator? Try these ideas: Use your oven as a dehydrator. Preheat the oven to 145 degrees. Fruits and veggies will turn out crisp and tasty. Dehydrate meat to make jerky at 150 degrees. Use parchment paper for fruit leather recipes.

Try six to eight hours or increase the temperature and dry a shorter time. Make use of your toaster oven as a dehydrator. Set your toaster oven to as low as it will go. Leave the door slightly ajar. Check often.

17. Use the Old Sun Dry Method

Sun-drying has been around for generations. It is time-consuming but easy and cost-effective. Set food in trays on parchment paper in the sun. This drying process can take several days. Cover with mesh to keep insects and flies away.

Discount Coupons – How Can You Save The Most During In-Store Shopping?

Upscale departmental stores like Dillard’s that stock high-end designer brands attract wealthy consumers but if you consider their buying psyche it is no different from the average buyer who is keen to avail discounts. As a bait to lure consumers and improve sales, discounts are simply unbeatable because it gives consumers that winning feeling and the satisfaction that comes with winning a good deal. And banking on it, large stores like Dillard’s keep offering deep discounts and attractive bargains that ensure that consumers do not go back empty-handed from the stores.  Similarly, customers who engage in online buying can avail special sales and free shipping by using Dillard’s online coupon codes.

Dillard’s discount coupon codes are different from conventional promo codes in its manner of redemption because it does not involve the use of coupons at all. Instead, when you visit a discount coupon site for collecting Dillard’s discount coupon, you will be surprised to reach Dillard’s website where you can find special deals that fetch you discounts and help save money in the same way as you would have done by redeeming discount coupons.

Besides availing the discount coupons that are gateways for online shopping at Dillard’s, those who prefer to visit Dillard’s physical stores can also derive considerable savings but without using coupons. How it can happen will become clear on going through this article.

Look for price reductions

To save money on purchases, you must have the mind of a deal-hunter and set your focus in identifying deals by carefully following the activities at the stores. Luckily, at Dillard’s, whether you are shopping online or in-store, it is quite easy to identify the markdowns that make shopping more fun and pleasurable.  If you are shopping online, it is easy to identify the markdowns that you can find on the home page clearly marked as ‘price reductions.’ Next, you can start shopping by category, and you can even know about the number of items in each department.

In a physical store, the markdowns are visible prominently in each department. There is a pattern in the markdown schedules because by looking at the trends you can make out that Dillard’s offers new reductions typically on the first Monday and Tuesday of every month. Make a note of it and plan your shopping accordingly to fulfill your cost-saving objectives.

Get a Dillard’s card

Dillard’s offer attractive credit options to its customers, and you must know how to derive the benefits. Signing up for Dillard’s credit card is yet another option for availing cost benefits but in a different way. Dillard’s card and Dillard’s Elite cards are the two types of credit cards that help to accumulate points for purchases made by using the cards. For every dollar spent at Dillard’s, the cardholders earn 2 reward points, and on accumulating 1500 points, they become eligible for redeeming it either for a reward card valued at $10 or a shopping pass for 10% discount. Elite card holders are entitled to free shipping on online purchases and gift wraps for in-store purchases. There are more exciting offers for Elite cardholders.On shopping for $5,000 in a year, they can choose from the options of golf, travel or spa getaway.

Get gifts

Who does not like gifts and to get gifts from shopping is a rewarding experience indeed. Dillard’s gives gifts to shoppers, and you must be on the lookout to spot the right time for shopping when the offer is still on. Dillard’s gift offers make it one of the best places to shop and the schemes keep frequently appearing especially for beauty products and clothing. Almost every month you will find an event of gifts-with-purchase at Dillard’s although there is no specific schedule for it.

You can resist the temptation of buying the coveted lipstick right now and wait for the goodies that come with the event – all free. The rewards are often much higher than you expect because you need to make purchases between $25 and $45 but earn gifts worth $120 – astonishing but true. Gift cards, handbags, and even items from brands like Lilly Pulitzer and Misook and more are some of the gift items offered by the clothing department.

Go shopping at clearance centers

Dillard’s have a unique way of providing opportunities for grabbing special deals at throwaway prices at its clearance centers. Dillard’s have several clearance centers located at different places, and you should consider yourself fortunate if you reside close to any of these. These stores stock merchandise like any other Dillard’s stores but these are not full-line merchandize that goes to all other stores. The clearance centers stock unsold items collected from all Dillard’s stores across the country.  The company wants to get rid of these items, and consumers get heavy discounts that enable them to buy items of their choice at an unbelievable price. Some buyers have enjoyed a discount as high as 90% on products like home items, shoes, and clothing.

The inventory of the clearance centers keeps refreshing very fast as new items from various Dillard’s stores keep coming in. To get the most from the offers, you must visit the clearance stores frequently because you never know when you may strike gold. The Dillard’s clearance centers are massive in size, and you must have enough time and strong legs to walk across the store to explore every nook and corner for deals that will simply drive you off your feet.

Follow on Facebook

Keep tracking the deals and offers of Dillard’s closely by following them on Facebook where they regularly post the gifts-with-purchase offers and sales and promo schemes. It is the best place to find the latest deals that can fulfill your aspirations to excel in deal hunting. Cardholders can track their bonus point earnings by following Dillard’s Facebook page and know the dates for holding contests as well as trade-in events and the expected dates of arrival of new items.

The closer you are in touch with Dillard’s stores whether physically or virtually moreyou cansave whenshopping.








HOBBY LOBBY Craft Store Coupons

Hobby Lobby Craft Stores coupon page:

Then click IN STORE SPECIALS at the top in a tab…..

Then click on the 40% OFF Coupon……

This takes you to a stand alone coupon page where you can print multiple coupons. One per person per visit…. A child can use one, Your partner can use one, A friend can use one…. and I always print out more than I need and either drop off one here and there throughout store or find someone who I think could use one and hand it to them. It amazes me that people didn’t know they are available or those who forget it at home.

Hobby Lobby is by far one of my favorite stores and I always ask for gift cards for every celebration in my life…. I can always buy something there.

Please give a comment if you find this web page not to display coupons or if you get an error message when clicking link. Thanks for helping!