10 Uses For Your Used Tea Bags

dkua6o1f906iahphcpfk51c5a80a1fa411. Sooth puffy and tired eyes – the most common use of tea bags.

Staring at a computer, reading, watching, almost everything we do daily challenges our eyes. Tea helps relieve redness and swelling and refreshes tired eyes. Put the tea bags in ice-cold water or simply pour on water and leave in the refrigerator. We suggest you use them at bedtime, while resting your eyes. This is pretty much all you need, with absolutely no cost.

2. Tea bags help with sweaty feet.

Soak your feet in luke warm tea prepared with used tea bags before bedtime for 15 minutes and wipe with a clean towel.

3. Minimize the effect of bruising.

Tannic acid, contained mostly in black tea, has the ability to restrict swelling by constricting the blood vessels. Apply a fresh, cooled bag of black tea on your trauma and leave for 20 minutes. For better results repeat once more during the day.

4. Tea bags are a remedy for minor sunburn.

Wet tea bags ease the pain of sunburns. If bigger areas of your body are affected, try to take a cool bath adding several tea bags to the water.

5. Tea bags help with razor cuts.

Wet tea bags sooth pain from razor cuts. Use a cooled tea bag to stop the bleeding and reduce skin damage with the helpful antioxidants found in tea.

6. Tea bags help with acne.

Wipe your face with used green tea bag. Before you rub a tea bag on your skin, wash and rinse the skin with a hypoallergenic cleanser. Apply the cooled tea bag on the skin and let it stand for 10-15 minutes. Rooibos tea is one of the best options for acne treatment. Rooibos, also known as Red Bush, is a plant native to South Africa and has been used in the local traditional medicine for centuries.

7. Tea bags help with oral hygiene.

Speed up the healing process of painful sores in your mouth by slightly biting onto a tea bag soaked in water.

8. Tea bags can freshen your breath.

Bad breath usually is due to a number of reasons such as eating smoking, dry mouth or other medical conditions. Bad breath is caused primarily by the bacteria on the back of your tongue or between your teeth. Both green and black tea can stop the growth of the bacteria. Rinsing with strong brewed tea reduces the unpleasant smell from the mouth. Use 2 or more used tea bags to prepare a new cup of tea. Let it come to room temperature and the use to clean your mouth. For better result repeat daily after meals.

9. Tea bags effectively absorb unpleasant odors.

Tea can help reduce unpleasant smell of hands such as fish or garlic. In addition, tea bags can be used inside the fridge or you can stick them in the trash can. You can also use them in ashtrays to reduce smell. An other idea is to stick dry tea bags with lavender flavor or other herbal tea of your choice in the seat covers of your car to get a natural air freshener.

10. Tea bags could be used for washing dishes, especially if you are allergic to soaps or other detergents.

No matter how strange it sounds, tea does have cleaning properties. Using a bunch of re-brewed tea bags, you can easily remove dirt or grease from mirrors, windows, floors, kitchen counters or other wooden furniture. Remember that after cleaning, make sure to dry the surface, because tea is also a good natural dye!

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Review: MicroTouch One

I have used various shaving products over the past few years in the search for the one product that suits me just fine. I came across the nothing of single and double edged safety razors and was hooked. No more disposable razors that never work just right and no more expensive razor head replacements – do they think we are made of money?

It is funny I never tried this type of razor before since I saw my Dad use it every morning before he went to work. People would buy him razors from electric to expensive and he never used anything but the standby of a double edge safety razor.

So now I am hooked – but little did I know that my journey was not over yet. I had no idea the variations and expense I was getting myself into while I found just the right one. Yes, there are a multitude of different styles, looks, and feel – not to mention the costs. The blades can be found at a dollar store for ten for a dollar but the razors are like a good pair of shoes that you never want to give up on.

I came upon a little beauty called MicroTouch One. It is sleek and the size is perfect. It has a very impressive design and is so easy to use you will be thinking where the heck have I been.IMG_20131018_082447_0

After receiving my MicroTouch One razor in the mail I could not wait to try it. It comes in this really cool black hard case which snaps open to reveal the razor in a red velvet lining and a mirror on the inside lid. The razor itself is perfect size for my hand (and I have average sized hands). I lifted it up and felt that it was the perfect weight. For those of you who never never used a double edged safety razor before know that weight has a lot to do with it – shaving with a double edged safety razor requires balance and weight must be perfect to allow the razor to glide down your skin without having to put pressure with your hand against the razor (which will result in razor burns).


IMG_20131018_082518_0For my use I used a gel based shave cream that you can get at any store. I find the gel based is better then the foam base but it does not matter when using this type of razor – it is personal preference. I slid out a razor blade from the cartridge and unwrapped it. I unscrewed the butterfly head using the twisting portion of the handle and slid the blade down and tightened it up and was ready to go.

I put the shave cream on my face and placed the razor below my sideburns and let the razor glide down my face which felt like butter. A beautiful glide with no pressure needed and no nicks to my face. I continued on my face and my neck problem free.

UntitledbI opened the butterfly compartment up and rinsed the blade under the tap water for one additional use. I was impressed with the mechanics of the butterfly compartment – nice and tight and easy to twist. I have used ones that are flimsy and feel like they need to be tightened.IMG_20131018_082546_0

I have now recommended the brand to many family members and friends and thought I would share it with all of my readers as well. Since Christmas is coming up I know a few people that will be getting these as a gift with some special shave creams and shaving accessories.

One of the impressive features i still have not told you about is the cost. These razors are just $19.99 – a great deal if you do some comparison shopping on the internet.


Manufacturers Website: https://www.onerazor.com/