My Share: Gadget Grab

So, I was given the Gadget Grab to do a review on and couldn’t wait to share what I thought of the product. The product arrived in just three days after I was told I would be getting one to do this review – that’s impressive and immediately wanted to give props to the company and shipper for fast delivery.

grab 4

The product comes in a nice tight box and I was a little scared that this is just a gadget with little quality and probably would not last long – I WAS WRONG. The product folds nice and tight which is great because you can take in on the go because it would easily fold in a pocket (small Gadget Grab used for a cell phone) or a briefcase pocket (for the large Gadget Grab used for a tablet).

I first pulled out the larger one and placed my Samsung Tab on it and placed it on my desk to be able to use that while I was working on my laptop. This item does not fold in great fear of the weight of my tablet and can easily be taken off or moved with the stand attached when needed. I usually use my Samsung Tab to look up references when I am writing so this makes this very easy. I was impressed that it was sleek and attractive and could easily go into any environment. It is a charcoal grey color over all and the part that grabs the tablet or cell phone is green.

grab 2

Then I wanted to test out the smaller Gadget Grab with my Samsung Galaxy S6 (I am addicted to Samsung products). This is a big cell phone and the Gadget Grabber had not a lick of problems holding it. I put this on my desk as well – I wanted to test its ability to hold the phone for easy access to answer it when I got a phone call (my desk is always messy with file folders, stacks of papers and other items so my cell phone just laying on the desktop isn’t the best of ideas). This eliminates that problem since it kept my phone on up at an angle and did not allow anything to go on top of it.

grab 3

I really like this product and have found that I will be using it more than I thought before I received it. It is sleek and clean in design and is very functional. The quality is good and the obviously took a lot of time to develop a product that consumers will be able to use for years to come.

grab 5

You can go to to get your Gadget Grab now – an awesome price for an awesome product!

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Review: The Private Gym – by Guest Writer Michael Binders

pic - CopyAs a society male health is not a topic that is talked about much – well, except the occasional commercial for erectile difficulties. This is probably because men don’t want to talk or hear about it because most of us think we are invincible and only seek help when damage has already occurred. We also find that when urged by our partners in crime in life will reluctantly seek help. This should not be a topic not discussed.

I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to test the male Private Gym series now for over 2 months. What is the Private Gym you are asking?…..the Private Gym is a simple set of exercises that you do ten minutes a day, three times a week to help with erectile dysfunction and improve the strength of the muscles in male genitals. It is a simple technique with very quick and impressive results.

As men get older the pelvic muscles that control urine flow, erections and bowel get weaker. This can cause leaking of urine and uncontrollable bathroom issues as well as weak erections. If you make the pelvic muscles stronger you will improve erections, bowel and urinary control.

When I received the package in the mail it was discretely packaged not allowing contents to be known. I opened the box to find a very nicely packaged product that contained a booklet, step-by-step how to instructions on dvd as well as an instruction manual and the very important magnetic. Very impressive was my first thought.

I placed the dvd in my laptop (you can watch this on any device for added privacy) and was given an option of having a man or woman’s voice to talk me through the process. I watched the video for both the 4 week program and eight week program and found that the whole process would be rather simple and uncomplicated. The first four weeks are basic kegal and muscle improvement exercises. The second part brought in the usage of the weighted coupling.

I proceeded to complete the exercises in the four week program. It felt a little awkward but I followed through anyways. Doesn’t anything that is done for the first time seem awkward? I continued these exercises for the four weeks.

I then started on the second part of the exercises. The added weight did in fact force me to really work pelvic muscles and I could feel them working within the pelvic cavity. The exercises created no strenuous or difficult movements or anything that brings concern.

After using the Private Gym system for eight weeks I feel like everything is strengthened. The testimonials from test subjects on the Private Gyms website gave truth. The Private Gyms claims are also truth.

So if you are a man who is experiencing problems of incontinence, having to go to the bathroom often or have problems maintaining a full erection consider the Private Gym system – it is a small price to pay for something so important. If you have a male loved one with this problem – especially if they are embarrassed to seek professional help – encourage them to purchase the Private Gym system – you will be glad you did.

Visit the Private Gym website today – do it for yourself!

~Written by Michael Binders~

Review: MicroTouch One

I have used various shaving products over the past few years in the search for the one product that suits me just fine. I came across the nothing of single and double edged safety razors and was hooked. No more disposable razors that never work just right and no more expensive razor head replacements – do they think we are made of money?

It is funny I never tried this type of razor before since I saw my Dad use it every morning before he went to work. People would buy him razors from electric to expensive and he never used anything but the standby of a double edge safety razor.

So now I am hooked – but little did I know that my journey was not over yet. I had no idea the variations and expense I was getting myself into while I found just the right one. Yes, there are a multitude of different styles, looks, and feel – not to mention the costs. The blades can be found at a dollar store for ten for a dollar but the razors are like a good pair of shoes that you never want to give up on.

I came upon a little beauty called MicroTouch One. It is sleek and the size is perfect. It has a very impressive design and is so easy to use you will be thinking where the heck have I been.IMG_20131018_082447_0

After receiving my MicroTouch One razor in the mail I could not wait to try it. It comes in this really cool black hard case which snaps open to reveal the razor in a red velvet lining and a mirror on the inside lid. The razor itself is perfect size for my hand (and I have average sized hands). I lifted it up and felt that it was the perfect weight. For those of you who never never used a double edged safety razor before know that weight has a lot to do with it – shaving with a double edged safety razor requires balance and weight must be perfect to allow the razor to glide down your skin without having to put pressure with your hand against the razor (which will result in razor burns).


IMG_20131018_082518_0For my use I used a gel based shave cream that you can get at any store. I find the gel based is better then the foam base but it does not matter when using this type of razor – it is personal preference. I slid out a razor blade from the cartridge and unwrapped it. I unscrewed the butterfly head using the twisting portion of the handle and slid the blade down and tightened it up and was ready to go.

I put the shave cream on my face and placed the razor below my sideburns and let the razor glide down my face which felt like butter. A beautiful glide with no pressure needed and no nicks to my face. I continued on my face and my neck problem free.

UntitledbI opened the butterfly compartment up and rinsed the blade under the tap water for one additional use. I was impressed with the mechanics of the butterfly compartment – nice and tight and easy to twist. I have used ones that are flimsy and feel like they need to be tightened.IMG_20131018_082546_0

I have now recommended the brand to many family members and friends and thought I would share it with all of my readers as well. Since Christmas is coming up I know a few people that will be getting these as a gift with some special shave creams and shaving accessories.

One of the impressive features i still have not told you about is the cost. These razors are just $19.99 – a great deal if you do some comparison shopping on the internet.


Manufacturers Website: