CD Cover Picture Frames

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These frames are easy to make for gifts and can contain a 2 pictures or artwork from a little one. You can obtain these at almost any stores these days and they are really cheap. You take the cardboard insert out and are going to use this as a guide to get a photo or a piece of artwork. If you want to print a photo out measure this and take the dimensions to your desktop publisher to prepare image for printing. If you are doing this from artwork or a photo already printed trace this onto your photo or artwork and cut out. If the photo or artwork isn’t big enough you can add a border to create a tight fit. On the outside you can glue jewels, sewing notions, stickers etc. You can do this on both sides  and can add embellishments around the edges.

PICTURE FROM: FaceBook Parent’s Room

Masquerade Mask

Print out using a picture manipulation program or a desktop publishing program and adjust the size to fit you or your childs face. Cut out and glue fabric to one side and trim – then repeat for the opposite side. Tie a ribbon that goes well with your fabric to both sides that can be tied around head. Trim with ribbons around edges, or dangling, sequins, or any other findings you want. Think feathers, boas, plastic spiders (for Halloween), tiny ornaments (for Christmas), bows, paper cutouts, and beads.

Also consider these a childs activity at a party… then can be painted or drawn on in marker or crayon. Print out a size appropriate for children and trace onto poster board and cut out. If they are going to paint, color or draw directly onto the paper it will need to be stiff because they wont have the extra strength from the fabric on both sides.

This could also make a great invitation: make with one side covered in fabric that goes with your parties theme and print the information for your party on the back. It would fit in a legal sized envelope so no special purchase would be required.