Keys To Decorating With Flowers

Flowers have been used as a decorating tool for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians made bouquets for the dead, Chinese Buddhists have practiced ikebana since the 6th century, and formal flower arrangement became extremely popular in France during the reign of Louis XV.

Today, most of us decorate with flowers by purchasing a bouquet from the local grocery store and displaying them on our dining room table or in a window.

However, there’s so much more that can be done with flowers as a decorative tool — both in your house and outside. So, here’s a quick guide to help you make the most of your flowers.

Themes and Seasons

The best home makeover plans revolve around clear themes which are emboldened by floral decorations. Whether you choose a bohemian style with rooms full of pampas grass and hanging amaranthus or a more understated pastel theme with roses and lavender, there are flowers to suit your theme.

If you want to start decorating with flowers but don’t know where to start, then you might consider theming your displays and designs around the seasons. Theming your floral choices around the seasons is always a fashionable choice and can give you a sense of direction if your options seem overwhelming.

The best way to find season-appropriate flowers is to simply walk around your local garden center. Many garden centers are open year-round and have folks on hand to help you make decisions about the flowers that would suit your home. You may also find some professional help from florists who specialize in creating your perfect bouquet for a feature-piece flower arrangement.  

Artificial and Preserved Flowers

Sometimes a flower arrangement would look best in an impractical place for watering and maintenance. For example, if you have your heart set on a bursting bouquet of peonies, but you want them to drape above a window or around some artwork, then you should probably consider an artificial or preserved alternative that won’t need watering.

Artificial flowers can look a little gaudy, but if you choose the right flower, you might find that the illusion holds up to inspection. Alternatively, you can do as the Victorians did, and create your own flowers from fabric and cloth materials that you have lying around.

If you don’t have time to sew your own artificial flowers, you can take advantage of preserved flowers which are typically made using silica gel. You can do this by gently submerging the flowers you wish to preserve in a tub of silica, and leaving them for around 4 days. You’ll want to check in on the flowers every day, though, as some flowers dry quicker than others.

Fragrant Flowers

The best flower arrangements do more than look nice — they smell great and waft a fresh scent through your whole house. However, most folks forget to consider this element when deciding upon the flowers. This is a missed opportunity, as great smelling flowers carry a range of benefits, and help you keep your home healthy.

Start small when bringing fragrant flowers into your home — the lavender that smells fantastic on your back porch might be overwhelming if you plonk it down next to your office desk. Small pots of Arabian jasmine will do well in larger rooms like living rooms, and citrus plants that smell fresh may suit your workspace.

Fragrant flowers can also help you overcome an afternoon slump. Most people’s energy dips in the afternoon, and the fatigue caused by a heavy lunch, poor sleep, or raised stress can interfere with your plans for the day. Flowers alone won’t mitigate this fatigue, but you can do things like water your plants after lunch as part of your break to boost your focus. When you return to your workspace, the fresh scented flowers may help you clear your mind and retain a greater level of focus.

Outdoor Decorations

Most of us associate flower decorations with indoor spaces. However, outdoor spaces like patios and porches will look that much better if you commit some time and effort into decorating them with flowers.

The key to decorating with flowers in these spaces is to ensure that you maintain continuity between indoor spaces and outdoor spaces. So, if the room which leads to your garden is themed around a delicate palette of pastel colors, then you should consider following suit in your outdoor space and can consider decorating with things like lavender or carnations.

However, for most folks, the garden isn’t a purely decorative space. More often, it’s a shared space for the whole family to enjoy and play in. So, when planning your flower decorations, you must ensure that your garden is accessible for everyone. This is fairly straightforward, as you can rely on things like raised planters and hanging baskets which add a vertical dimension and won’t be trampled on.


Decorating with flowers is a great way to bring the natural world into your interior design plans. Try to choose flowers that fit your overall design theme, and feel free to experiment as the seasons change. If you want to bolster your flower arrangements, consider visiting a florist who can create a beautiful statement bouquet, and may teach you a few floral tips along the way.


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