Amazing Decomposing / Recycling Facts

181046_498983486816585_1875230248_nWho would know that the decomposition of these items was so long. My family has always done it’s best recycle and do composting – we even shred office papers and junk mail and add to garden soil. The items decomposition years are staggering – will make me look more at our consumption of products in the future.

Use Your Lawn to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal by Guest Writer Alec Holland

During the warm weather months, you might notice that your house is not as elegant as it could be. By sprucing up the lawn just a bit, you can boost the curb appeal of your residence. Most amateur landscaping projects are relatively easy to undertake, and you will soon find that the neighbors are examining your gleaming new lawn with envious eyes.

curbWorld-Class Lawn Care

One of your first lawn care tasks is to ensure that the grass itself is as green and healthy as possible. By fertilizing the lawn regularly, the roots of the grass will receive their needed nitrogen. Furthermore, you can set up a sophisticated sprinkling system so that the lawn takes on a uniform appearance. As long as you water the entire yard every few days, you can avoid the ugly brown patches that plague most lawns during the height of summer. A well-maintained lawn will always make your house look more visually appealing.


In locations where the lawn meets the driveway or sidewalk, you can incorporate border materials for a smoother interface. Bricks, stones, and even ivy can be used. For a bit of a twist, you might wish to buy decorative bricks with carved floral patterns. In other cases, you can build a stone path between the back door and the hot tub. Stone paths work best in garden areas with tall trees, hedges, and miniature ponds.
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Boring lawn areas can sometimes be brought to life with materials carted in from the local home improvement store. Woodchip mulch can be added to a rock garden or a flower garden for added landscape flavor. In fact, if you have recently decided to replant your entire lawn with grass seed, mulch will help the seedlings retain moisture during the first few weeks. You can use peat moss, compost, and other organic materials as mulch substitutes.

Flower Gardens

If your back yard seems a bit bland, you can spruce things up by planting a small flower garden. Tulips, daisies, and even sunflowers are all good choices. Whether you choose to utilize seeds or bulbs, you should be capable of coaxing to life a flower garden that will brighten your yard and accentuate all of the good features of your property. All flower gardens should be watered regularly. You may also need to be diligent when it comes to removing troublesome weeds.

Vegetable Gardens

With a flower garden already in the works, you might also try growing a vegetable garden. These gardens can rightfully be considered part of the lawn, and they are sure to win your entire residence extra accolades. Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and a variety of herbs can be grown through the summer and harvested in the fall. If you are in the sharing mood, you might even surprise your neighbors with a basket of fresh vegetables straight from the garden. As a food enthusiast, you can also produce fresh salads, salsas, and casseroles for your family.

Your Lawn as an Extension of Your Home

As you work to elevate the curb appeal of your home, you should not be afraid to think outside the box. Though lawn care is important, you might also incorporate flower gardens, stone paths, and other interesting landscaping ideas. With a yard that exudes elegance and sophistication, your property should become one of the true jewels of the community.

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