Dreamy Nursery Decorating Ideas – 6 Best Baby Room Designs

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You may think that your baby doesn’t care about the design, but they can feel the vibe of the space. The colors, the coziness, and light can make your child feel safe and cared for. But baby room designs are also intended for parents. After all, you will be spending enough time in this room so you might as well make it comfortable for yourself. Here are some dreamy nursery decorating ideas that will help you create the most amazing spot in the home for you and your baby to enjoy.

1.   Create A Parent Corner

A parent corner should be an essential spot in the baby room where you can sit with your child, nurse them, and comfort them. This should be a spot that you feel comfortable to fall asleep as well, nothing uncommon in the first few months of becoming a parent. A large armchair with ottoman for legs will be enough for you to relax, but you can go even further.

Place a daybed or a lounge chair in the nursery so you can lay down with your baby and take a nap. If space allows it, bring in two rockers or gliders so you and your partner can put the baby to sleep together. It’s quite handy if you are parents of twins!  

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2.   Make Furniture Fun

A classic design is great, but why not make it a little bit fun? Use colorful wallpapers with cute prints, like balloons or animals, or paint colorful murals on the walls. Interesting pendant light with birds or butterflies will add a playful tone to your décor and serve as a second mobile.

A crib can be any color and shape you like. Turn it into a centerpiece of your baby room design by choosing an oval shape or unconventional colors, like black. To save on the budget and space, repurpose a dresser as a changing table. This way you will get more storage room and won’t splurge on a new item.

3.   Concentrate On Your Emotions, Too

It goes without saying that the nursery will be cute. However, consider making it as much functional for you as concentrating on the cute features for your baby. You will often wake up in the middle of the night to nurse or calm down the baby, so the décor needs to soothe you, too.

Start by concentrating on one style or theme if you have trouble narrowing your ideas down. Create storage areas that will allow you to remove clutter daily and free the space to make it more serene and composed. Wall art is a great way to add a personal touch, not to mention it’s a wonderful DIY project for you and your partner to do together.

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4.   Try Vibrant Colors

Traditional nurseries mostly use pastel and neutral shades, with splashes of pink for a girl and blue for a boy. However, if you want to make your baby room special and stand out, try something vibrant and unexpected. A combination of green walls and orange carpet will bring together nature and earthy tones, adding freshness and joy to space.

Purple and yellow inspire happiness and tranquility, bring sunny days, and flowery meadows into your baby’s world. If you are not a fan of bold colors but still want something with panache for your child’s room, use it in combination with grey. It will balance the flair and make the nursery color scheme more pleasant to the eye.

5.   Decorate For Usefulness

The most important thing for the baby room is that it has everything you need and within the reach. Create an extra changing station with clear storage boxes and place it on the shelf, windowsill, or under the changing table. That way, you will use it as a decoration and when you run low on supplies, you don’t have to go far to get what you need.

Make sure that baby blankets are in all the places where you sit with your baby and lull them to sleep. Having one in each place will prevent you from disturbing the baby when you search for the blanket all over the room.  A night light is a wonderful way to create a comfy atmosphere for your baby to feel safe even when you are not in the room. Try the lamps in interesting shapes, like a star, with a warm and subtle glow for better sleep. 

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6.   Use Nature As Inspiration

Nature is serene and calming for both you and your baby. Curtains with large leaves, floral upholstery, and splashes of green are all a great way to introduce nature into your nursery. However, don’t forget to add real plants to your baby room design to make it more organic and healthy.

Oxygen-producing plants like parlor palm and neem tree are lush and leafy, making them ideal for corners. Turning the wall by the crib into a gallery-like display of images of cartoon animals is an entertaining touch that will keep your child amused. Lastly, add as much natural light as possible to elevate the mood and keep your child’s circadian rhythm balanced.

All In All

When you are thinking of baby room designs, find something that will be appealing to you as well. You will spend a lot of sleepless nights there so you need to incorporate dreamy nursery decorating ideas to make the space tranquil and relaxed. A baby can feel your discomfort so the key to making them happy and satiated is if you feel the same way.


Nursery Design Help

Your baby is on the way and you still haven’t finished designing a nursery? There’s no reason for panic, you can have a comfortable and stylish nursery in no time. With just a few trendy and practical ideas, you’ll design a stimulating and chic environment for your new family member.

In with the crib

When designing a nursery, you’ll have a lot of opportunities for DIY projects, improvisation and more affordable details, but the crib should definitely be an investment piece. Don’t hesitate to spend a bit more on a high-quality crib because your little one will be using it for the years to come. You can even find a crib that converts to a toddler bed, which is quite practical solution. You need to ensure that the crib you picked meets all the safety requirements and standards. Additionally, make sure to get a high-quality mattress that will provide your baby’s back with the right support. Afterwards, you can experiment with bedding and design that will fit the general style of the room.

The changing table is next in line

Since you’ll be changing your baby quite frequently, having a changing table will save you a lot of trouble. If you’re buying a freestanding changing table, find a multifunctional one that can be used for storing toys later on. For a small nursery, a changing top is a great solution because it can be attached to any dresser. Once you’ve found a changing table that meets your needs, make sure to equip it with all the essentials like diapers, wipes, lotions, changing pad covers, etc.

Storage to the rescue

Despite their tininess, you’ll realise soon enough that your little person needs lots of stuff. So, unless you want to trip every time you enter the nursery, you need to add plenty of storage. Depending on the size of the room, you have a range of different options, from wall shelves, to closets, to bins and baskets. The most practical solution is opting for multifunctional furniture. For example, you can buy a crib with drawers at the bottom, or a window seat with a storage compartment.

Don’t forget to treat yourself

Since you’ll spend a lot of sleepless nights and days in the nursery, then it’s only fair that you get something for yourself – a comfortable nursery chair. However, you don’t have to stick to a plain design, but choose a chair that will reflect your personal style. For example, Coco Republic offers a lot of comfortable and trendy options, ranging from lounge and reading chairs, to comfy chaise lounges.

Stylish décor

There’s no reason why your baby’s nursery can’t be stylish. There are a lot of nursery trends that all interior design enthusiasts are introducing into their own homes. Nature-inspired décor is extremely popular because it brings a sense of serenity and tranquillity, so you can decorate your nursery with big florals, mountains, cacti, leaves and animals. The hot hues are Greenery, Pantone’s colour of the year, gold rose and a neutral palette of muted tones, while bolder hues can be used for accent details.

When it comes to ideas for using these trends in your nursery, just follow your imagination. You can use these designs for decorative details, introduce them through art, add both style and depth by using soft fabrics, or transform one wall into a work of art.

DIY artwork

Your child’s environment can greatly influence their development, so why not surround them with beautiful and stimulating artwork. And what’s better way to spark your child’s creativity than being creative yourself? Do you want to pass your love for music to your child? Just frame vintage sheet music of your favourite song. You can also transform fabric leftovers into letters and then decorate your kid’s room with alphabet.

In just a few steps, you’ll design a perfect nursery for your baby. All you need to do is pick quality furniture, and use décor trends and imagination to add style to a comfortable room.