Photo Planting Pot For Gift/Centerpiece

537905_625561024140656_1372078231_nThis is a great idea for Mother’s Day – Wedding Centerpieces=

Print on plain paper a series of photos of  the Mother’s children or Grandmother’s Grandchildren is sizes ranging from 3×5 to 4×6. You must use regular paper for this project as photos or photo paper won’t mold well to the contour of the pot. Use Mod Podge and brush a coat over the area where your picture is to go and press firmly onto the pot. Use a dry brush to work any wrinkles out that form and then continue until pot  is covered. When pot has been given ample time to dry, brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over all the photos getting it into the crevices made from the over lapped photos. Let dry. You can then seal the entire pot with a coat of acrylic spray. Also, think about painting your pot first to give it a new clean appearance. I still recommend using a liner inside the pot – or you could use a thick plastic in the pot before planting. You wouldn’t want such a special gift to be ruined over time would you? You could print the photos as black and white or you could just use color. But test Mod Podge on the color to see if bleeding will occur. If it does spray a coat of fixative or acrylic spray on photos before attaching to your pot. Would be great also as centerpieces for a wedding on each table with pictures of the couple during their relationship.

Posies Made From Tissue Paper

1. Layer 5-by-15-inch sheets of tissue paper, alternating colors. Make 1-inch-wide accordion folds.

2. Wrap 1 end of a pipe cleaner around the center of the folded paper, and twist to secure. Round the edges of the folded paper with scissors.

3. Fan out folds, and gently pull apart each layer of tissue paper to create petals.