No Frosting At The Last Minute – SOLUTION

de700733-eb18-4e4a-97d8-860597b4ac34This is such a really cool trick and is a simply solution to a problem we have all encountered at least once. But maybe this isn’t just a problem to a solution – it may be a simple way to amke a very impressionable cupcake that has the crown talking. This gives the cupcake an unusual appearance that I am sure many would think looks appetizing. I mean who does not like a toasted marshmallow? This is basically a toasted marshmallow on top of a cupcake – perfect union.

Pretzels & Mashmallow Bones For Halloween Treats

317304_624907734205985_937010001_nUse stick pretzels and insert a tiny marshmallow onto each end. Cover with melted white chocolate or white bark. Let rest on cookie tin covered with wax paper. Very neat snack!

Rice Crispie Treats Decked Out For Thanksgiving or Halloween

555301_10152635216305354_1622944507_nAs the standard mixture cools add more whole marshmallows and M&M’s that are autumn colored when stirring and then top with more of those colored M&M’s to the top. I also thing this would work if you can find this color combo in Peanut M&M;s.