Halloween Monster Mason Jars

1Paint with translucent colored paint and black paint for the facial features and jar lid. Seal with polyurethane.

Baby’s 1st Halloween Pumpkin Idea


What a great way to bring the pumpkin in to help celebrate a child’s first Halloween. It was found that tracing the feet and hands onto paper and then cutting it out to use as templets worked best. Trace and then cut with saw blade from a pumpkin carving set. Using a drawn set of hands and feet would also be a great way to make a pumpkin to display for family and friends to learn your exciting news that you are expecting.

Stuffed Peppers Halloween Style


This year when making dinner on Halloween prepare these ahead of time.Make your favorite stuffed peppers with pumpkin cut outs. Remember that you cut out very little because as you cook them they will shrink. Don’t throwaway the tops or stems as you top this guy off to make a great presentation. Serve with a side salad with food colored tited ranch dressing. The kids will love it and it will be a good source of healthy energy after trick-or-treating.

Halloween Pumpkin Creations


These are some great inspirations for pumpkin designs. Goes to show with creativity and not always a carved pumpkin, pumpkins can make a great display with a few props. The painted design is also really nice and can show off your artistic talents as well. To paint a pumpkin: dry and paint with primer (all areas where you want to paint) and then paint with acrylics. Don’t forget to take a picture and send our way!