Mummy Halloween Lanterns

1185694_696994683663956_242399836_nWhat a cheap way to add to your decorations. Use old mason jars, mayo jars, pickle jars (bigger the variety of size and shapes makes this project pretty neat). Use gauze and wrap until you have a doesn’t covering over the jars using hot glue to hold into place if you need to. Tie and leave some overhang. This can be left nice and tidy or messy – mummy’s don’t care what they look like right? For the light source use an electronic candle or small flashlight and place in mason jar. Done – great party decorations or table centerpiece. You could also have these in various places around a front porch for the Trick-or-treaters. Have a great Halloween and stay safe!

Tiered Lamp Shade Project

89e78f3230d1fe82b2c0137ced743e26What a great inexpensive way to build an awesome chandelier.

You will need:

Popsicle, craft sticks (a lot)

Hot glue gun

Hot glue gun sticks

3 round loops (large, medium, small)  (think embroidery circles)

Light kit

Light bulb


What to do:

With your largest loop you will need to tie three strings equally spaced apart. Join those three strings together above the top loop. This will tie to the electrical cord for the light fixture. The medium loop will need to be attached similarly to the largest and the smallest to the medium. Hot glue Popsicle sticks that have been died or painted a color of your choosing. We choose a nice blue dye that the sticks were soaked in for about ten minutes. The alternative is painting each stick (and each row could be a complimentary color or after you are completely done you can spray paint the whole thing in several very light coatings. You will need to assemble the light fixture as per its instructions. Do not use more than a 40 watt bulb. If the light fixture comes with a chain it makes this process easier to attach the light shade to the light fixture. if it doesn’t have a chain your tying skills be what makes the shade stay where you want it. Hang from ceiling.

Alternative: This could be made to fit a standing lamp that you could get from a thrift store/yard sale. The top of your new creation will start with the part of your lampshade that attaches to your lamp. The whole lamp could be spray painted to match, or use a complimentary color.