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Happy Fathers Day Childs Handprint Tree

971810_641736929189732_1109393344_nCreate by computer using clip art or paint by hand a tree on white paper. Paint your child’s hands with poster paint or watercolor paint from a tube. Use different colors and variations of colors that appear on a tree. (Blues, greens aqua, yellows) You can also use a stamp pad but the colors won’t be as pronounced. Make imprints overlapping one another. In this picture we used one hand print from each child in the family. We used clip art and printed this out on thick “cardboard/card stock” white paper. We also printed it out with Happy Father’s Day – and it would look nice if you fathomed a little wording such as a poem at the bottom. Give enough time to dry and frame your artwork. It is a little something special that can be hung in your home or used in his office.

Happy Mother’s Day

mother mother's day card victorian victoriana wish wishes wellWishing all mothers a very special Happy Mother’s Day – without all of the great mothers in the world today the world would not be a great place to live. Sacrifices you make carry your children through to adulthood but are never forgotten. A mothers love is always needed no matter how old your child gets.

Happy Easter Everyone


image descriptionI would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of my followers on our website, Facebook and Twitter. I do this for you and hope you all are enjoying the content I am doing my best to provide. We are almost reaching 600 posts now so there should be something for everyone to enjoy. I am taking this day to spend with family both far and wide and hope you are able to do the same. Today is a day of love and reverence to those who celebrate this very special day and I hope you are surrounded by it. I wish you the best!