Halloween ‘Christmas’ Tree Idea


Halloween ‘Christmas’ Tree

What a great idea for Halloween. This designer used a black Christmas tree and put orange and purple netting on it. They also added fun Halloween ornaments. They then topped it with a witches hat and witches feet.

Festive Holiday Decorating Ideas And Deck The Halls In Five Minutes Or Less

There is no better season of the year than the holiday one. It is when we feel more enthusiastic than ever and ready to find some peace in our hearts and minds. We usually choose to spend the holidays with family and friends and want to be surrounded by joy and festive entertainment. With this intended purpose, today we have considered useful to analyze some of the most interesting festive holiday decorating ideas that could help you all establish the perfect atmosphere for your gathering with friends during this season. Let’s find out more about these below.


Decorate the house to give it a festive mood

During the holiday season, everyone wants to spend more time at home with people close to their hearts. We feel the need to see and feel more joy in the world and we are eager to transform our home into a perfectly developed festive environment in which our family and friends might feel like part of a fairytale. This is a good feeling and a nice way of relieving stress and bringing joy into our life.

Purchasing the Christmas tree and decorating it together with family members and friends is a special way of spending quality time and feeling what the holiday spirit is all about. Even making purchases is more pleasant during this time of the year because we buy items that help us decorate the house in a fun way and this gives us joy.

Not only the Christmas tree can be perfectly decorated for the holiday season but also the entire house to transform it into the perfect environment for the holidays. Purchase attractive decoration items or choose to do some yourself and give your home a festive look for the big parties you have planned for this season.


Find inspiration online and in magazines

If you want something really special in terms of decorations this year and do not know how to proceed or have too many ideas and you do not know how to organize these, it is always a great idea to find inspiration online or in gorgeous magazines that create special pictures for us to admire.

Sometimes just simple adorning touches can bring a powerful change of atmosphere and make your home feelmore festive and really bright. This will make it the perfect place where everyone will like to gather and spend a great time together telling funny stories, waiting for Santa or finding new ways of having fun. You can decorate the entire house in a customized manner from the front door to the mantel and bring the magical spirit of the holidays in your neighborhood.

All you need is to find unique ways in which to use even the simplest elements or items you have purchased to give your home a festive look. How about transforming the simplest holiday greetings into art just by displaying these in a unique manner? You can use a magnetic bulletin board for example in which to display your favorite seasonal cards and create a great environment for new magical memories. Just let your creative side free and start having fun rotating these in, around and out.


Have your fair share of fun with your own creativity

Decorating the house in a festive manner should be fun every single time. It is not something you do out of necessity but something that allows you to set your creativity free and create wonderful designs based on your own good taste and requirements. How about creating your own tabletop tradition this year by wrapping small, interesting gift boxes and numbering them before displaying these on a cake stand? Do not forget to include surprises into each of these boxes and just wait to see the joy on your friends’ faces when they discover their gifts.

The holiday season is all about magic, joy and creativity in everything you do. It is your time to shine this year by coming up with innovative decoration ideas and decking the halls in five minutes or less using only an effective oilcloth. Get the house ready for your guests and you will have a party worth remembering your whole life. Do not forget to turn your camera on!

My Share: Starry Laser Lights Halloween & Christmas



This is a really a great laser light decorating show system – so much better then the as-seen-on-tv versions.  I have posted a video that shows all of the functions of this system. I used it inside against our silver Christmas tree and it looks awesome.

One of the best features is it’s ability to change the light presentation. You can go solid colors of blue, green or red. You can do patterns that blink or are steady or you can make it move at different speeds.

One of the best features I like is the quality. It is made of all metal – the actual light itself and the bracket that holds the light that you attach to wherever you want to place the light. My only concern with this unit is that the bracket that holds the light only had one hole to place a screw into. Around Salt lake City (where I live) it get windy and the snow can come down pretty hard. I drilled one additional hole on each side to give me three holes to anchor it well.

The lights themselves are very bright and can be seen even in the dusk of early evening. Some of these units get complaints that they are not bright enough except for when it is pitch black – not this unit. It covers such a wide space that one unit could do most whole home fronts unless you have many angles and nooks.

I will be able to use this on many different occasions and not be limited to just Christmas. The red or red and blue or the blue and green or the blue by itself will work for Halloween. Red and blue will work for parties for Fourth of July or Memorial Day. The all green, blue and red could be used for birthday parties.

If you are worried, like I was before purchase, that these laser light shows that blink might cause seizures then this unit is right for you. Its perfect because you can completely remove the movement or blinking or seriously bring motion and blinking to an almost standstill.

I would highly recommend this unit to anyone interested in buying a quality laser light show system for not just one holiday but pretty much all of them.

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