Halloween Party Kit Kat Frankensteins

What cool party treats are these. A simple Kit Kat broken down into pieces. Dip 1/3 of one end into mint green candy melts. While still wet attach chocolate candy (you could use a small Reeces Peanut Butter Cup) and add candy eyes. With black licorice add hands, mouth and scar. Yummy and scary at the same time.

Easter Cupcakes With A Nest

480522_10151360637693107_744127920_nThe cupcakes can be made to perfection and go elegant for your next Easter party or dinner. Make your favorite cupcake in c cupcake decorative liner. When cool use icing to cover top. Immediately add shaved chocolate and push down slightly to get the chocolate a good hold. Stick your candies ‘eggs’ on top of chocolate and into the icing and let all set. Try brown icing instead of white and use white chocolate – how about colored candy melt that has been shaved instead of the chocolate?