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Christmas Tree Cupcake

1502681_10154860678265442_216658596171319878_oMake your favorite cupcake recipe and let cool. Make using printed cupcake paper for more festive look but isn’t totally necessary. Use ice cream waffle cone and spread green icing on cone (this will allow a little more goof proof covering – if you are an expert icer then skip that step) pipe green icing in small stars until covered and set aside until you have all done.  Spread liberal amount of white icing on top of cupcake and stick the tree down into icing to make it stay in place. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Serve at party.

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Snowman Christmas Month Countdown / Advent Calendar

1378480_971733206190101_8825816831182928791_nThis project requires working with a jigsaw but don’t get scared – it is easy and as you can see with the pic if you mess up a little it still looks cool.

Cut a twelve inch circle (you can buy this from Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby).

Next cut the carrot for the nose.

Next – freestyle cut a hat – use the hat in the picture for an example. Bottom part of hat should be at least ten inches wide.

Paint hat black. Paint head white and carrot orange. When dry you can roughen all fronts with fine sand paper. This gives it a rustic worn appearance. Paint on cheeks with pink. Let dry. Using a sharpie marker add numbers, mouth, eyes. With white paint add the text “Days Til Christmas” on his hat. With the sharpie marker make ridges in carrot. Use a nut and bolt that is just long enough to go through carrot into the back side making sure to add to washers between carrot and face. Epoxy the hat to the head. For additional security use small screws and drill from the back to front to hold hat on.

At this time you also want to make a hanger on the back which you can buy already created or you can use wire around the house. Attach hanger on with screw from the back making sure to get it in the middle of the head. With Sharpie marker make numbers 24 – 1 going clockwise. You may want to add at least one light spray of polyurethane to keep in good shape.

Hang and let your kids have a great time moving the carrot to a new day while they wait for Santa.

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Pita Bread Christmas Tree Appetizer

51299_700xSlice a pita bread into wedges with a pizza cutter. Stick pretzel into the widest portion of pita. Spread your choice of cream cheese or cottage cheese tinted green. Sprinkle pimento pieces around for the garland. Easy and cheap to make and you will surely run out of these guys quickly at your party. It would also be a quick snack to have for the family when they sit down and watch your favorite Christmas movie.

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12 Days To Christmas


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Homemade Almond Roca – Easy


I have always love Almond Roca – this is such a simple recipe and is not time consuming. I have added this to our families treat box gifts we give to family and friends this year. This one recipe actually makes a lot also. It makes a nice presentation at a party also spread on a platter – it will be gone before the party is over.

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Pancakes From A Bottle

9d0177b0-868d-4a08-9817-781ecc97e63cMake your favorite pancake mix (or waffle recipe) and put it into an old cleaned out ketchup bottle (or the like). It makes it easier to make pancakes and waffles because there is no spillage. A lrge bottle could hold enough for a week. Keep refrigerated. Now you can enjoy pancakes and waffls without a lot of fuss.

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Corn On The Cob Life Hack

7c927a7d-2d4f-4f66-a7a1-8878e180e3baWhat an awesome life hack. When you need to cut corn from the cob do so in a bunt cake pan. It helps steady the cob and all of what you cut goes directly into the pan.

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Grapes For Ice Cubes

5e15de6a-302a-498c-867f-d17417fdba46How romantic! Freeze grapes to use as ice cubes – think green, red, purple or a mixture of colors of grapes.

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Cookie Christmas Tree

1425761_571965826220025_610631522_nThis is really cool and it is so much easier to make then you would think. Use a set of circle cookie cutters that has multiple sizes. Make a sugar cookie recipe like the one below:UntitledMake a good tasting green sugar cookie icing like:Untitled and liberally coat the tops of all cookies. While icing is wet place cookies in succession from largest to smallest making sure to gently place one on top of the other without squishing the cookies beneath to avoid making the icing ooze out of the sides. Finish the design with red hots and pipe icing for garland of your color choice.

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Reindeer Ginger Cookies

1395420_436532439791697_1066252356_nMake your favorite ginger cookies or use the one blow:

gingerrPress a red M&M or Red Hot candy in when cookies come out and break apart pretzel to make antlers. Use black icing for eyes.

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