Dye Your Eggs With Silk

Video came from Holidash.

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Fun Finger Painting Easter Bunny Ideas

11043066_10153058390380630_6945060698540214345_nWhat a great little creation that some little one will be thrilled to help out with – and you can make a few for cheap and mail out to extended family for gifts. Use finger paints and then sharpie marker (when dry) to draw whiskers, eyeballs and mouth when it is all dry.

Graphic by: www.FunHandPrintArtBlog.com

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Double Sided Tape & Glitter Decorated Easter Eggs

Jeffrey Scott Thomas 119

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Washi Tape For Decorated Easter Eggs

Jeffrey Scott Thomas 120

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Can I Handle My Own Sink Repairs?

One of the most difficult aspects of taking care of your own home is handling the plumbing services. As one of the most vital features of the home, it is important that they are always up and running at all times, however, it can often be that they are one of the things which can quite often go wrong and can quite often require the most effort in order to fix. When it comes to things such as sink repairs, finding the very best way in which to deal with the situation can be incredibly tough. So when you are looking at the possible options for the best way in which to repair your sink, is it the kind of job which you can take one yourself?
Can I handle my own sink repairs
The first thing to establish when it comes to matters involving your sink is what kind of problem lies ahead. With so many different issues affecting sinks, the ability to repair the problem on your own can be entirely dependent on the nature of the issue. As such, it is important to figure out what is going wrong before you take on the challenge. One of the easiest things which you are able to handle without much help is the possibility of a blocked drain. When the water in your sink is not draining in the manner which is should do (perhaps it is too slow), then it is likely that you are facing a problem with a blocked drain. These kinds of problems can be taken on yourself in the majority of cases by simply purchasing the correct drain unblocker from your local supermarket.
Can I handle my own sink repairs2
These products are designed for home use and are simple poured down the drain in order to shift whatever might be causing an issue. For most other matters, and for those times when the simple unblocking simply will not shift the issue, it might be time to move onto a more in depth approach.
For many people, the ability to take on the challenges of sink repair is entirely dependent on the knowledge which they possess. As well as having a basic understanding of how a drain and a sink works, many people’s first instinct is to look up the issue and see whether they are able to take on the challenge themselves. This can have mixed results. Upon searching for your particular issue, you might well find that the process for resolving the problem is one which takes a huge amount of effort and expertise and this can rule out the solution as a viable option. Similarly, you might well find that the information which you come across is incorrect and will do more harm than good. Or it could even be that you have searched and found the wrong issue and now face a struggle to resolve the problem using this method.
If this is a situation which you have found yourself in, perhaps the best possible solution is professional plumbing services. By hiring in an expert, you can dispense of the long winded processes of having to figure out whether you are able to deal with the situation and then actually dealing with it. When it comes to hiring in the professionals, you can make sure that a good job is done and that future problems of a similar ilk are protected against. This is especially true in emergencies, where any amateur help can often do more harm than good, especially when you might not know what is going on. When it comes to repairing your drains, finding en expert can often be the best solution. You could find some more information on plumbing services Fulham.

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Key Interior Design Improvement Tips By Kelby Kniat


Improved interior design can change the way of life. Interior design is not only about decorating your home. Rather, it creates functional and gorgeous look of all the interior places. Therefore, it is important not only for homes but also for different public buildings, restaurants, shops, libraries etc. Efficient and imaginative use of space, light, texture, pattern and color can make a huge difference in your interior. Some consider interior design as reflection of taste, ambition and status. Besides, improved interior design adds value to your property. There are many things that can be done to improve the interior of any space. Few important steps that can improve your interior greatly are discussed here.

Break Rules – The first rule to improve your interior design is to break all the rules if you want. Interior design should be the reflection of your life and therefore you must give priority to your own concept to design your interior.

Provide Logical Layout – Try to keep transparency within home by ensuring clear views across and into common space. It is good to avoid dog legged corridor. In the case of public buildings, apply different themes and orientation in different levels.

Get off the wall – It is an old idea to keep all of your furniture up against different walls of home. Try something different. You can put them in different angles or different places off the walls.

Make Welcoming Entrance – People get the first impression about your home when they enter. Therefore, make entrance attractive and welcoming.

Get Rid off Unnecessary Furniture – Too many furniture might reduce your open spaces in home. Therefore, remove any unnecessary furniture to make more space which also gives a decent look to home. Nowadays, people believe ‘less is more’. Besides, do not keep any flawed furniture just to fill empty space.

Make Staircases Attractive – You can use different types of spiral staircases in your home that goes better with the structure of home. Be choosy about every little item in staircases such as staircase railings, color of stairs, material used etc.

Give Attention to Ceiling – Usually people think about their walls, floors and furniture to improve their interior design. Most people do not pay much attention to their ceilings. But if you design it properly, it could improve the look of your entire interior.

Add Life With Green Plants – A few green real plants or some flowers can make a big difference in interior. It can bring life to your home and any guests come at your home will like that for sure.

Have Fun Decorating – It’s your home and you can do anything you want. Do not be afraid. Remember one thing – you always can change whatever you do. You may consider choosing different colors. Repaint your home walls to your favorite colors.

Pay Attention in Lighting – Lighting is very important in interior designing. Light reflects from all the things of home. Lighting can change the look of all the colors, furniture, walls, and floors. It is important to choose lightings that help your interior look better.

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Decorate Easter Eggs With A Sharpie

102049235.jpg.rendition.largestWhat a unique way to decorate Easter eggs – with a Sharpie Marker. There are bold, to thin tips in Sharpies nowadays and you can easily use the variety of colors as well.

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Easter Bouquet Centerpiece With Hanging Eggs

10923279_925787530811510_6366958619494436770_nWhat an inspirational idea for a table display for Easter. Here long stems with small flowers were placed in a vase and colored eggs were hung from the branches. Very simple but very elegant. Makes maximum impact – think of using long twigs found in your yard over the winter and spray paint all one color or a multitude of colors. Ribbons holding the eggs could be of variation of colors to provide a different look. High vibrant colored eggs could be used with pastel colored flowers/branches or vice-versa.

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Easter Bunny Cutout / Outline

10801707_10153029929365630_3993775323648273587_nUse this graphic to:

~Have a coloring contest with the kids – print as a 8″ x10″

~Print four per page and use different colored pastel papers and then attach side by side for garland going across

~Print four per page and use different colored pastel papers and then attach top to bottom for garland going up and down

~Print twelve per page and use as scrapbook garnishment

~Print twelve per page and use as pin on name cards

~Print twelve per page and use as table name cards

Anything else anyone can think of post in comments….. I am sure the creative people can come up with lots of ideas!

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Color Coordinated Easter Egg Hunt

10172589_10152140270748929_4612449516406553141_nThis is a great idea – allows each child to collect eggs of their color to make sure candy is divided up evenly. You could do this and have age groups find certain colors as well – this would ensure children of only certain age groups would get certain types of candy.

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