Easter Bread Basket

537116_589479911147837_222792202_nThis is just such a great idea – and can be made small for personal servings or large to accommodate holding eggs or other special breads to serve with your Easter dinner…. and not as hard as you believe.

Start by covering a oven safe bowl with two layers of foil. With dough rolled out and cut into strips you will make a basket as shown on the outside of the bowl. Place a braided row at the top. Make an additional braided row for the handle. Bake following instruction for your bread recipe allowing some room to give and take.

You can cook regularly or wash the outside of basket with egg wash to give a deep golden color.

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Newborn EMAIL?!?!!?

1780918_698908770159581_1499201965_nWhat a great concept to do for a newborn. Make sure to use a bigger email service like gmail etc. Send them tid0bits, photos, letters from you or family, stories of things that happen to them – give out the email address to Grandmother/Father, Aunts/Uncles, and others that play an integral part of their lives. On their eighteenth birthday they will have such a special time going back and reminiscing about all the special people and events they have gone had in their lives already!

One a side note: Some email services require you to log on every so often to make sure the account is still active. Make sure to log on to the account at least once a month to avoid a problem.

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Peter Rbbit Easter Cake – Without Shaped Pan

375769_547856161996415_330551927_nThis is so great – and I love how simple it is and the fact that most of us have at least a circle cake pan.

Make two same size circle cake pans and once cool freehand cut 9as shown in pattern in our picture above) just one of these cakes. This cake makes the ears and box tie and the whole cake makes the head.

Be creative and decorate to make look like a boy or girl Easter bunny – I am sure you will get more than one smile from this really cool idea!

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Easter Bunny Dinner Rolls

166783_599429720087213_1924351677_nWhat a simple and cleaver idea to brighten up your Easter dinner table leaving your guests in awe.

These are made from raw dinner roll dough that can be purchased frozen or made from scratch. Kneed into a dome shape and snip two ears with scissors as shown in our picture above. Poke two holes for eyes and a hole for the nose with tip of shape knife. Coat with egg wash and bake. Make sure to get egg coating around ears and into eye and nose sockets – this prevents them from filling in as the dough rises.

Creative and perfect for Easter – or anytime you want to make a child smile at the dinner table.

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Wall Glazing Tips and Tricks by Ella Andrews

Wall Glazing Tips and TricksIf you are in need of redoing and reworking your walls, then you may want to invest in something a bit more sturdy and long-term than wallpaper or a simple paint job. Paint jobs may look nice, but you can go one step beyond that by glazing the walls. If you do things right, you won’t have to deal with any problems with your walls for a long time, making the room both beautiful and sturdy. Follow these steps to get things started:

• The first and most important step is finding the right tools. Since glazing is essentially a type of painting, you will need to get all paraphernalia connected to the job. The difference being however is that you will need a ruler, a squeegee and a neutral glazing medium. You must make sure you have enough of the medium to get the job done. When you’re buying paint you should make sure you get semi-gloss paint instead of full gloss.

• The next step lies in the preparation of the room. You shouest, writer, ld place painters tape on the trim, the light switches as well as windows so you won’t make a mess during the process of painting. Remove any and all furniture pieces you can remove from the room as well as other things such as electronics and any pieces of art. Place drop cloths around the flooring and furniture remaining if you can’t remove it.Wall Glazing Tips and Tricks3

• You should adjust your tools according to the job at hand. Before you start work, you will need to check the squeegee so you can get the distances right. You can do that by cutting a few shallow notches that show you lengths in inches on the surface.

• Up next comes the actual job of painting the room. You should do that like any other paint job, however using the lightest color as a base coat. You can get things done fastest with a paint roller, however you will also need good paint brushes as they will be needed for the trim and other sensitive areas. You should allow each coat of paint to dry before you apply the next one, as this will allow you to get the job done right.

• Step number five is making the glaze you’ll be using up next. You will need to mix your glazing medium with a darker color paint in a 4:1 ratio. Pour the glaze you just mixed in a painting tray and begin painting the walls with it, using a foam-based paint roller. You can use a hand brush to cut into difficult areas once again like before.

Wall Glazing Tips and Tricks2• Up next comes combing, which can be done by running the squeegee on the wall in curved strokes. This will have to be done while the paint is still wet, so you may need more than just one pair of hands to get the job done before its all over.

• The last step is to allow the paint to dry completely and over the course of at least a day before you remove the painter’s tape. Once that is done you will have a nice, brand new glazed room to enjoy at your leisure.

For more tips, visit: Kensington removal van

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Mickey and Minnie Easter Eggs

1796604_594917623934229_536115961_nAlways surprises me the creative designs people can come up with – found these and since I love Disney to begin with I wanted to share them.

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Easter Egg Tree

1240362_617105098362634_1359028214_nI am always on the lookout for great decorations and I actually love it when I come across a decoration that I can make that looks great and has potential for making a few relatively cheap that i can make as gifts. This is one of them.

Starting with a foam base, plastic eggs 9plain or with designs to fit your decor (or the recipients) and Easter grass (pictured we used crumpled paper shreddings (make yourself with your office shredder or sometimes you can get these at the dollar store). You will also need a glue like E-6000 (and we used bobby pins to help make them quicker). Hot glue will give you lots of problems with this craft as it does not like styrofoam at all.

Start at base and glue layers of eggs then grass (we put two small holes about a 1/4 apart and insert bobby pinued through these – and then glued before pushing onto styrofaom – this eliminates the need to hold until glue grips well).

This can be made for a permanent decoration or if giving to a recipient each egg could hold a surprise – although who would want to open something so nice.

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