Footprint Sunshine Artwork

11350441_461246710701169_924371884150022376_nThis would make a great present for a Mom or Grandma – and the feet can be made with one from each household member – hands could also be used instead of feet. Lettering can be made with stencils and transfer letters and thick watercolor or finger paints should be used for the prints.

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Dawn Kills Fleas

10403214_992221484131748_8798139267816579439_nWhen we lived in West Virginia I used to put a couple drops of this and real lemon juice in a spray bottle. Dogs, carpet, drapes, bedding, clothes in closets – literally everything that was fabric got sprayed. We had minimal problems with fleas so it had to have helped. Neighbors had a horrific time with them and their dogs always had visible bites.

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Clip Clothes Hangers For The Pantry

11248065_836680269701508_1083975385200485107_nI always enjoy creative realistic uses for items we don’t really ever want. I usually just pop these off at the self-register and leave them – stores usually can recycle. Now I will have to grab a few and use them for bags of chips and other light bagged food products.

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Tips For Green And Modern House Decorations By Patricia Cornwell

If you wonder how to create a modern and stylish atmosphere in your house, there are some innovations you can make. To decorate your rooms so that they give you the comfort you need in your home, you can add some green flowers in pots, accessories and decorating elements, which will suit the whole style and design of the room. You can add different green flowers in almost every room to make it more alive. Check the following tips for green and modern house decorations. They can give you some ideas you can apply in your home.

If you have green carpet or rug in some of your rooms you can combine it with curtains in the same or close colour tone. You can buy a decorative indoor bamboo plant and place it in your living room. This will make this room look modern and refreshed. You can use green colour just as an accent in your decoration by adding some green accessories and plants. You can also add different tones of green in some rooms and combine them with brown, dark or light yellow and earthly tones.

You can create a mixture of modern green and blue colours, which can be combined with each other well. These can be some accessories, vases, candlesticks, antiques. Sage and sea blue, for example, are colours which combine well and match each other. This decoration is appropriate for bedrooms because it gives the sense of peace and comfort.

Putting a small decorative green tree in a pot, located outside next to your doorstep, is a great way to decorate your home from its entrance. You can attach porcelain decorative items in similar tones of green on your wall in your dining room and put a green plant in a pot on the shelf. Keep the decoration in your rooms simple using minimal number of things. This will not only make your house more stylish and effectively decorated, but also make it easier for cleaning and maintaining. A couple of fancy vases, a flower and a picture is enough for a living room. This simple decoration keeps your room from getting dusty and will take you less time when cleaning.


Create symmetry using lighting fixtures of one kind attached in the same distance to one another. Do the same with your flowers in pots, placing two or three in a row on your window sill, if it provides enough space for them. You can combine two green armchairs absolutely identical and a white sofa with small cushions in orange. You can use a wallpaper of some tree for decorating some of your rooms to make it stylish and modern.

You can decorate the outdoor area in your house using identical large pots with decorative shrubs or small trees. Adding pots with different green flowers in every room and outdoor area of your house is a great way to decorate your home and refresh it. They never go out of fashion and will make your rooms look more alive.

You can decorate your room in a minimalistic style by keeping only the furniture, a pot with flower or two and a wallpaper or a picture on the wall. The less things you have in your rooms, the less time you will spend cleaning them. Keep your home tidy and clean, make it modern and stylish, using less items are saying from Tenancy Cleaners in Mill Hill. You can put table lamps and vases in a design you like in your living room or bedroom. To make your living room more modern you can hang picture frames with papers in different geometrical shapes and patterns on your wall. This can be applied if your wall is white or light-coloured and consists of one colour.

Use some of the tips you like for creating green and modern house decorations. They can help your design your home in a way that corresponds to your preferences and reflects your idea of stylish and contemporary home.

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Dearly Departed Huggable Keepsake Pillow

10422086_825660567472891_5972936951547561527_nThe inevitable always happens and it is one of life’s most devastating and depressing things we must go through. I found this pillow idea made from a shirt that the receivers father wore when he was alive. The patch was made by embroidering by a local sewing shop for not very much. The pillow would be easy to do by turning the shirt inside out sewing a square (sew just three sides) that ends between the collar, start of the sleeves and the bottom. Trim excess off. I would consider triple stitching it to ensure durability – it probably will get a lot of use. To stuff use stuffing bought by the bag or size the square to an old pillow to re-purpose. The shirt shown would need the bottom seam sewed down. I would leave the pockets useable so little keepsakes could be added to make the pillow feel even more like being close to the departed one. The patch would then need to be sewn on. Carefully hand stitch the remaining side after turning shirt right side out.

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2 Litter Pop Bottle Bird Houses / Feeders

11206106_10153324262358330_5635269280080404694_nSuch a really cool idea. Cut the bottle in half. Top half make into scalloped type of cut. Cut hole in the bottom half. Decorate with paints and trim and left over doo dads – just make sure none of it makes noise because it might scare of the birds. Make a loop with thin wire and with two punched holes in the lid (use a push pin or if you want use a very small drill hole. Make the top half go over the bottom half and glue with epoxy or E6000.

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Candle Flower Centerpiece

10952145_10153028184328080_5399231901281726970_nThis is such a great idea for your deck or patio and would make a real impact for table centerpieces. Pots can be painted any color and add a ribbon to match colors of flowers.

Start with a pot six inches larger then the one on the middle and make sure the one in the middle is big enough to have the flute fit inside the edge of the pot.

If you are going to use these for a festivity like a wedding (paint white, silver,wedding color). You will trim it out later with a bow to coordinate.

Fill the larger pot with garden topsoil to the point that if you put the smaller pot inside the edges meet all the way across. With the smaller pot inside nestled on the top soil add top soil to the outer pot and add pea gravel or sand to the middle pot.

Plant small plants in the rim with garden soil such as pansies or you could even use succulents.

Place votive candle center of the middle pot and add flute. Add a ribbon or paint decorative designs on outside of pot.

Small pots are not that expensive and candle flutes can sometimes be found at a dollar store. Make several for a wedding and give them away to guests that you wish to acknowledge. It will be a special gift they will enjoy.

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Craft Paper Hanger

10846470_10152871541252209_8105003512701890422_nA simple frame and two heavy duty closet rod shelf brackets make a perfect setting for your ambitious little artist. Make sure brackets go secuely into studs because a lot of force can be done by a small child when he/she pulls the paper down. You also might want to add an outside door rug in front to catch scribbles that would otherwise end on the floor – or if the child is slightly older maybe they might want to paint and it will catch drippings. What a great idea!

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Baby Toes & Foot Art

10356157_10152806461798457_1344159066502825304_nHow cute and simple – use non-toxic paints like finger paints. Make different colors and sizes by using different kids toes. Makes a great present for the Grandparents or a gift for Mothers or Fathers Day! Finish with straight simple lines for the stem and add an extra few strokes under the foot imprint.

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Stones Painted For Garden

11150648_10155550991190217_8423802485460376520_nIt is so easy to forget where things are planted when you plant seeds. Here is a great idea to remember and also use to decorate your garden afterwards. You need to use paint like enamel and then coat with polyurethane to help make them last.

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