Make A Scarf Hanger For Your Closet

clothes hanger bath curtain shower rings scarf

There are two ways to do this:

1: Hang shower curtain rings from a clothes hanger and hang scarves through the shower curtain ring

2: Use white tape and make shower curtain rings as seen in the bottom row of the picture above taping each meeting to clothes hanger or shower curtain ring.

Rings can be found at a dollar store!

Heres A Tip

Blend sweet, juicy fruits in a chopper or blender and add to unsweetened plain yogurt for a healthy treat.
• • •
When raking leaves, use this handy-dandy hint: Rake your leaves directly onto a sheet you’ve spread on the ground. Gather up the corners and drag to your compost area.
•  • •
Use a paintbrush to dust wicker furniture. It can get into all the nooks and crannies bet­ter than any cloth.
•  • •
Shower curtains can be hung inside a regular curtain to insulate from window drafts.
•  • •
Unwrapped bars of soap can be used in closets or dresser
drawers as nice-smelling sachets until you’re ready to use them.
•  • •
Use pretty photo albums for holding recipes. The recipes will be protected in the kitchen, and these books prop open for viewing better than most books do.
•  • •
Electronic items like cam­eras and cell phones come with so many accessory cords these days. Store them in snack-size plastic baggies. Write on a small piece of paper
what the cord is for and then stick that in the bag.
•  • •
Use the plastic lids from large coffee cans underneath bottles of cooking oil or syrup in kitchen cabinets.
•  • •
To store cast-iron cookware, it must be completely dry. It can still get scratched up, though. Try inserting a paper plate between stacked pans to protect the cooking surface and to absorb any moisture or excess oil.