Egg Carton Bat


Cut out 3 sections of egg carton a spray paint black. Tie a ribbon through a large bead (or something that will hold the ribbon on the under side of the egg carton) and pull ribbon through hole in middle section of egg carton piece. Glue two googly eyes on the front. Make several of these and use left over ribbon to make the hangers. make sure to spray the underside as well. Let the kids help and remember that Halloween decorations don’t have to look perfect – in fact imperfection actually look better in the end product.It just adds to the creepy feeling to your decorations. Great to let the kids decorate at a party – just spray paint everything before hand and let them use eyes and glitter and beads and other left overs in your craft closet. The would make great name place holders as well – after pulling the ribbon through make a bow. The ribbon can also hold a little bell to bring in the noise.