8 Ways Helping Others Can Benefit Your Health


Many people are unsure when it comes to volunteering as they don’t really see how they can help others. However, you oftentimes don’t need any special skills to be of assistance, as many things can be learned along the way and people in need are more than welcome to receive any kind of help you are able to offer. Volunteering opportunities abound and you can choose from helping people, animals, and the environment. Whether you decide to build houses, teach kids, help with medical issues, rehabilitate animals, or something else, you will not only be helping others but yourself as well. Here are some amazing benefits of volunteering.

You will get a new perspective on life

First and foremost, aiding others that are in need can help you gain a better perspective on life. For instance, maybe you think your current circumstances are really bad and you don’t know how you will get out of it, be it the fact that you’re not happy with your job, can’t find a partner, or something else. However, once you see other people who are struggling with much bigger issues, it can put things into perspective for you. Perhaps you are completely healthy, have a roof over your head, and have plenty of friends. People that you will spend time with while volunteering might not have any of those things. Individuals from all lines of life are fighting their own fight and you might realize that your problems are nothing compared to what others are dealing with. That is not to minimize your experiences but simply to show you how lucky you might be without even realizing it.

You will feel like you belong somewhere

In addition to changing the way you think about your life, volunteering can also help you feel like you belong somewhere. If you’ve always felt out of place or couldn’t make friends easily, perhaps this is what you were always meant to be doing. When helping others, you might work in a group of people that have similar interests, which means that you might have plenty to talk about and end up with life-long friends. Even if you make just one friend, it would be worth it, don’t you think? Moreover, perhaps teaching kids will show you that education is the right career path for you and fundamentally change your life.


You will be less lonely

Opting for volunteering alternatives that aim to help other people means that you will not be on your own. If you often feel lonely, choosing to help those in need can help you alleviate your loneliness. From working with kids and witnessing how happy and carefree they can be to being a part of a team that builds homes for the underprivileged and talking to other volunteers, there are different ways how assisting others will get your social needs up and prevent you from isolating yourself. Even if you care for someone on your own, having these face-to-face interactions means that you will not be by yourself all day long.

You will experience mental health improvements

Being around people can also improve your mental health in various ways. For starters, not being on your own all day long means that you are less prone to loneliness and depression. Developing strong bonds with others lowers your risk of being depressed too. This is also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Besides helping people, helping animals can have a positive effect on your mood as well. Research shows that taking part in various volunteering activities releases feel-good hormones that increase our happiness levels.

You can feel satisfied and accomplished

Volunteering with people and animals is a great way to feel more satisfied with your life. If it seems like your life has no purpose, helping others will show you that what you do matters. Fortunately, there are countless places where you can volunteer abroad and learn more about different cultures while helping those in need. Regardless of whether you’re providing someone with medical help, building them a home, or teaching them a new language, you are making a difference. This feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment can go a long way in making you feel good about yourself.


You can lower your blood pressure

Helping others can also have benefits for your physical health. For example, research suggests that people that provide other individuals with social support tend to have lower blood pressure. What is more, interacting with people and supporting them also helps with recovery from coronary-related issues.

You can live longer

Some studies have also found that people who volunteered for a few charities were more likely to live longer than those that were not involved in volunteering, even after taking into account factors like age, general health, and bad habits. Furthermore, even the elderly that cared for their partners, friends, and relatives had a longer life expectancy than those that didn’t.

You will help make the world a better place

Finally, you can take comfort in knowing that by volunteering you are making the world a better place. No matter if you choose to build homes and schools, teach kids and adults, help those will low mobility, provide food and clothes for people, work with animals, or do your part in environmental conservation efforts, you are making a change in the world that will not be overlooked.

As you can see, there are various ways how you can volunteer all over the world. By doing so, you will not only be helping others but experiencing various benefits yourself.

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