Dorito’s / Ruffle’s / Frito’s Cilli Pie In The Bag

Boulder+Locavore+frito+pie+527This is such an awesome way to serve many people – and many think it is just a fairground food. Think of it as a quick serve to a large group of people with little clean up.

1: Slit bag along the side to completely open it.

2: Pour a ladle of your favorite chilli over top

3: Put chopped up onion (raw or fried) and you can also use chopped green onions (raw or fried)

4: Put cheddar (or mozzarella) on top

5: Have the recipient pinch the top of the bag to seal in the heat and melt the cheese

6:  Dig in – its really good

Change ups: This is the basic ingredients you can add but think about offering a variety of things: cut up cooked hot dogs, tomatoes diced. Also think about making this a different way (the Italian way): add a meatball and mozzarella to Ruffles along with tomatoes, tomato sauce. Think more Mexican: top Frito’s (or Doritos) with taco seasoned meat and trim it out the same way you make tacos