How To Freeze Green Peppers

Some helpful hints to make green pepper available all year around for all of your recipes. While there check out this blog full of really good content.

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Freezing green peppers LCO

Never want to see a stuffed green pepper again?

You got a great deal at the Farmer’s Market or a bumper crop from this season’s garden and now you are drowning in green peppers?  Did you know bell peppers freeze really well?  They do!  And it is easy to do.

Wash and dry them.

green peppers on chopping board1

I use a drop of Dawn dish soap in my hands, lather up and wash my peppers using my hands.  Then rinse the peppers thoroughly and dry.  Don’t worry, there is no soap residue, so you won’t taste it.  Honest!  You can see in the picture I already cut out a bruised spot on one of the peppers.

Chop them up.

Chopped green peppers

I use chopped peppers in lots of recipes, including omelettes, quiche, soups, and stir fry, so I’m like Goldilocks.  I don’t like them too small or too big.  Just right. Be your own Goldilocks and…

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