A Visit To: Ancient Volcanoes (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

We drove a little ways outside of Albuquerque and found the volcanoes in clear view in the distance. It was a long drive but we could always see these in the horizon anywhere you are in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho areas and really wanted to see them.

We parked our car on a paved parking lot and found the hike to the volcanoes was going to take some time. The dirt path leads to the first one and then forks off to the distance to the others. We could see that the trail was suitable for dirt bikes and horses as tracks from both were visable.

The walk back to the first volcano I would say is about two miles and then goes quickly up the side of the first. Don’t expect to see a pit at the top of it though as these haven’t erupted in thousands of years and really look more like hills.

We chose to view the rest from where we were at the first, gazing over the valley of Albuquerque and seeing the rest of the volcanoes was a real treat.

We received a cell phone call while there about a house we were trying to get and so we had to cut this trip short but it was fun and enjoyable and the scenery was beautiful.