Summer Backyard Home Improvements

Home improvements are always fun tasks. Even though they take some of your time and money, you always know that you’re putting these resources to good use. The particularly fun activities are the ones that include improving your backyard. If you already like spending time in your backyard, but you want to make it even more enjoyable, there are a lot of things that you can do to achieve that. Namely, there is a long list of summer backyard improvements that will make your backyard look and feel much better.

Add a patio

A patio or a deck is always a good idea, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time in your backyard. Besides bringing the special appeal to your home, the patio also helps you extend the living area. If you live in s small house that usually feels cramped, the patio is the thing you need. The patio also makes a great space for the outdoor furniture and it makes your home seem larger.

With a brand new patio, you’ll create a space for endless entertainment during the whole summer. You’ll have a space for family get-togethers and both kids and adults will adore it. Finally, the best thing about a patio is that it requires zero maintenance. Besides occasional sweeping, you won’t have a lot to do when it comes to maintaining your patio.

Build an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have been very popular over the recent years. They are the real game-changers and they make your backyard more enjoyable and luxurious. Even though an outdoor kitchen is a huge investment, it does pay off. If you like spending time outside with your friends and family, an outdoor kitchen will do a lot to make these gatherings even more interesting.

When building an outdoor kitchen, you should pay special attention to space. Since the kitchen will take up a lot of space, you should think well where and how you would build it. You should also consider the architectural style of your home. If you want the kitchen to fit in, you should build it in such a way that it looks well with the rest of the exterior.

Work on the lighting

One of the things that can transform any space in no time is the lighting. Lighting, besides being a rapid way to bring a change, is also an inexpensive way to do so. Since hot summer nights suggest that you are going to spend more and more time outside, you’ll want to have the backyard properly illuminated. With some decorative outdoor lighting, you can make a serious change.

You don’t have to host gatherings during the day only. If you choose to do it by night too, you’ll be amazed once you see what difference in the atmosphere the lighting can make. Having experts help you with the lighting is an even better idea. For instance, professional electrical services are irreplaceable when it comes to switching to LED lighting. Once you step up your lighting game, you’ll add a new touch of style to your backyard.

Install a pool

The pool is by far one of the best things you can invest in. Besides being a ton of fun, the pool is also a sign of class and style. Even though the pool requires high maintenance, it still is a great investment. If you can’t bear the hot summer days, a brand new pool might be very helpful.

The heat in the summer can become unbearable and having a chance to escape from it is priceless. That is why the pool is such an amazing investment. Having a pool means having an opportunity to relax, exercise, or just have fun. Besides all that, the pool increases the value of your home.

Hang a hammock

If you’re looking for a simpler and quicker change in your backyard, you can just hang a hammock. It’ll cost nothing and you’ll get a perfect spot for relaxing, reading a book, or napping in your backyard.

All you need for this to happen are a couple of trees. However, even you don’t have those, you shouldn’t despair. You can purchase a tree with a base, that will be the perfect setup for the hammock.

Plant trees

Finally, the easiest way to improve your backyard is to plant some trees. Trees and shrubs will make your backyard seem more natural, graceful, and harmonious.

To avoid overwhelming the yard, you should be careful about the amount of the trees and shrubbery you’re about to plant. You can choose your favourite trees and strategically place them all over the yard. Even though that’ll be a simple change, it’ll still be very important and it’ll shed new light on your backyard.


Making small improvements around the house helps you bring value to your home and make your home a more enjoyable space for you and your family. With these changes, you’ll treat your backyard as well and make the best possible space for the summer.

My Share: Silk Plants Direct – Bonsai

I found these great Bonsai that are from a company I have never heard from called Silk Plants Direct. I have always loved bonsai but know I don’t have a green thumb so investing in a couple wouldn’t do any good. They are expensive and I would probably kill them. None the less, I really wanted bonsai trees for our living room.

I am an old timer (at least to electronics and the internet) but I happened to find these and fell in love and knew I wanted them. But I had never heard of the company so did a little research and found positive responses to the quality of the product and service so my temptation finally got the better of me and I took a chance.

Let me tell you – I am so glad I did. When the package arrived it was well packed to ensure no damage came to the product during shipment. Thats important, who wants to open an anticipated package and find it damaged or crushed because of poor packing right? Here is a picture of them just mere moments after I opened still shrink wrapped so the pots didn’t get damaged.

11111I took the shrink wrapping off of the pots and here is a picture of all three of them.

22222I was very impressed with the quality and reality of the bonsai I received. Bonus: I can’t kill them – Ha!  All parts of the bonsai trees are very realistic from the roots exposed at the top of the pot (like real bonsai are) to the wooden trunk of the tree and the leaves are thick and very realistic.  Here are the three bonsai trees in a closeup – notice the great detail!

Click any of the photos below to be taken directly to the page to order these terrific bonsai trees:

333334444466666I was happy to see the realism of these bonsai, I was afraid I would receive bonsai trees that were plasticy – looking like little care was given to the design and detail and quality. These are a great deal as well, in a three item purchase they came out to just $30.00 and some change each. Considering a real bonsai this size starts at $125.00 for just one and that’s just to start so this is an awesome deal.

While browsing their website I found several other great products like cactus, long twigs and branches that twist and sparkle, shrubs, trees, and small and large varieties of so many unique specialty plants. I noticed these and got them because of my desire to have bonsai but the other selections have made me want other items too – many I didn’t even know were available to buy. But Silk Plants Direct have such a variety you can go and spend a couple hours easily browsing their great products.

Shop Silk Plants Direct today and find a great present for that special someone that was not blessed with a green thumb or buy for yourself – I won’t tell!