Despicable Me Minion Cake by Betty Crocker

994524_661854820511276_130088733_nThis is such a creative way to make a Despicable Me Minion cake – and you do it from a standard sheet cake pan. For full instructions, please visit the following link to Bettty Crockers website. There you will find step by step instructions that go into great detail that are easy to follow.

SOURCE: Betty Crocker

Lumiary Painted Mason Jar

luminary light candle stars paint project craft mason jarClean a mason jar and dry – then wipe with a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol. This is important for the preparation of the glass to make it accept the paint. Use star stickers (or any shape stickers) and apply to mason jar in a design or random. Try not to touch the glass with your fingers anymore then absolutely necessary, the oil from your fingers can make it so the paint won’t stick. Paint with a variety of colors as an all over design or put cap on mason jar and dip one end in one color paint and dry – then dip the other in paint and dry. If you paint the bottom first and then the top and dry with the mason jar right side up the top paint can drip in streaks over paint on the bottom.  It is best to use acrylic paint but you will need to seal this with polyurethane so a design painted by a child with finger paints would work as well – and would make a nice gift for a parent or grandparent.