A Visit To: Petroglpys National Monument (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

We recently went for a trip to Petroglpys National Monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico and really enjoyed ourselves. We first went and stopped in to visit the visitors center and got our map and got more directions to where the petroglpys are actually located. The visitors center is located on one road and you have to go off this road back onto the main road to go to where the petroglys are actually located. The visitors center has some native plantings with name plaques along the way as well as examples of outside ovens used to make breads and cook foods.

When we got to the turnoff for the petroglpys you can see the mountains and we now knew this was an uphill clinb. We had only been there a week and coming from West Virginia it was a bit of a struggle since we were in such a different climate.

I pulled the car up into a parking space after giving a dollar for the fee. We decided might as well start off with trail one since their are so many. The trail is not for the week… there are boulders and large steep steps to climb. The petroglphs were everywhere and some were in very good shape.

We got to the top and saw rabbits and a squirrel and then made our way down. We had originally thought we were going to do the three trails but after that decided the one was enough and since we were moving there we could do the others at another time.

Our boys decided though that they wanted to go running around and while my wife and I relaxed thats what they did…. teenagers.

We left and made note to make sure we came back here again…. and bring plenty of water.