Clean it Up & Clean It Out – The Four Bin Method

Clean Up and Clean Out – The Four Bin Method

Before you do spring cleaning, you’ve got to do Clutter Control. Take the opportunity to clean out all of the junk that’s been accumulating in your house and get rid of it!

Choosing what to get rid of and what to keep can be extremely difficult. Entire reality shows have been based on this very struggle. One school of thought is to toss anything you haven’t used in a year – within reason. Grandma’s china can stay, but her costume jewelry might be better served in a yard sale.

To do clutter control, first, find four different large containers and assign them all with four different purposes:

• Trash • Sell/Donate • Store • Put Away

Go through each room and into every drawer, cabinet, closet and cupboard to sift through what belongs and what needs to have the heave-ho. Be vigilant!

Now is the time to get rid of the kitchen utensils you can’t even name, the spaghetti sauce-stained plastic containers, the knick knacks Aunt Sally gave you in 1997, the boots you wear once a year. You don’t necessarily have to trash everything, but you’ll probably find that there are tons of items that you don’t use every day or even once a week that you can re-house.

Three Clutter Control Tips:

If it doesn’t fit, don’t save it: Don’t keep clothing that’s many sizes too small. If you’re hoping to fit into that size again someday, reward yourself then with some new outfits. Keeping those old clothes can actually be depressing and not helpful in losing those extra pounds anyway.

If it’s broken, don’t keep it: Broken items that are missing parts, the ones you said you’d fix ages ago aren’t doing you any good at all, so get rid of them!

If you have more than one – you’re done: No one needs two salad spinners, collendars, footstools – or anything. Go through your house, and where you have duplicates, toss them into the yard sale pile – pronto!