Under Stairs Storage

304923_280136278763033_1655985687_nThis again would only work for a special home with a little planning. We could all use lots of extra storage couldn’t we. This is  great option and it would keep the minimalist look if you like that. At times I like it but heck I just have way to much stuff that I have no intention of parting with – so the minimalist approach will never be found in my home.

Such An Awesome Bed Design

11866289_1092557977438599_4960246187996848817_nSo its a trunk? So its a bench? So its a bed? I found this design online and thought it was so very creative. I don’t have the plans for it to build – if anyone does send it along and I will upload it to this post. I dont know about you but this is really neat!

Cereal Shifting – Eliminating Excess Sugar

cereal shiftingHeres a quick tip – when you get to the last of your cereal pour into a sifter to eliminate the excess grounds from the cereal and excess sugars so you do not ruin a perfectly good bowl of cereal.