Dearly Departed Huggable Keepsake Pillow

10422086_825660567472891_5972936951547561527_nThe inevitable always happens and it is one of life’s most devastating and depressing things we must go through. I found this pillow idea made from a shirt that the receivers father wore when he was alive. The patch was made by embroidering by a local sewing shop for not very much. The pillow would be easy to do by turning the shirt inside out sewing a square (sew just three sides) that ends between the collar, start of the sleeves and the bottom. Trim excess off. I would consider triple stitching it to ensure durability – it probably will get a lot of use. To stuff use stuffing bought by the bag or size the square to an old pillow to re-purpose. The shirt shown would need the bottom seam sewed down. I would leave the pockets useable so little keepsakes could be added to make the pillow feel even more like being close to the departed one. The patch would then need to be sewn on. Carefully hand stitch the remaining side after turning shirt right side out.

Save A Seat For Your Departed Loved One

934722_624999000863525_1600012151_nI think this is such a very thoughtful way to feel like that special someone who you love so very much can participate in a special day. This is very cleanly done with all black and white and a ‘kickstand’ is made to the front to help ensure the picture does not slide. When my Wife and I got married we made mini-collages in a frame for each of the people who were special to us but weren’t here. Each frame had photos that were special to us. The frames were decorated with wedding colors and we still have them in out living room a decade later so they can participate in our daily lives. It feels like a way to honor them. Do you have any ideas about how to incorporate those who have passed away. I would love to hear about them in the comments.