New Years Coasters

551805_10151167197651727_453366977_nThese are pre-printed coasters that you can just buy in a store but wouldn’t these make a great addition to your new years festivities. Make something similar on a publisher type program on the computer and print on thickest card stock that your printer will print on. Use decoupage to permanently adhere your design to thin pre-cut wooden circles you can get at your local art/craft/hobby store. Your guest can have a nice little keepsake from the turning of the year.

Tree Limb Coasters

This is a great idea and would make a great present for that special someone. Saw 1″ slices from a limb on band saw or circular table saw. It is important to make sure they are level from one side to another because if you did not have a level coaster a drink placed on it would in turn would not be leveled. Coat heavily with a gel stain and make sure it gets into all the nooks and crannies and then wipe off and let dry. When dry use polyurethane and make sure to get any bark also which will make the bark more durable with the wood. Let dry. You can leave this project alone at this point or here are some additional things you can do:

*Center a picture or child’s drawing to one side and decoupage it leaving one side alone so you can enjoy the wood

*Cover one side with a nicely colored felt to help protect from scratches to furniture