Valentines Day M&M Cookie Bars

1463901_709393999078639_775666198_nAnother simple Valentines creation – make a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe (bars or cookies) and instead of chocolate chips add colored M&M’s which can be purchased according to colors of any particular holiday.



Nutella Three Ingredient Cookies

1525373_660448023997895_701709433_nTried this recipe and it is so very good. If you love Nutella you have got to try this. Try peanut butter chips/ mint chips/ butterscotch chips or white chocolate chips in them as well – and for Christmas don’t forget the crushed candy canes.

Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies


Make chocolate chip cookies and as soon as you pull them out of the oven use a toothpick and drag little lines out from the chocolate chip to make legs. Would be interesting to make a chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips to make contrasting cookie designs.