Fitness Supplements & Diet Plan Tips for Bodybuilding

For some people, bodybuilding is a hobby. For others, it’s a lifestyle. But in every case, the fitness goal is the same: a balanced, muscular, and chiseled physique to rival any ancient Olympian. To get the best results from your training, you need the right nutrition for bodybuilders along with the best supplements for muscle growth. Follow these tips to build a diet and supplement program that will help you develop your dream body faster.

#1: Recognize the Two Key Phases

All diet plans for bodybuilding must include two key phases: bulking and cutting. In the bulking phase, you’re focused on building muscle and gaining weight. In the cutting phase, it’s all about shredding the fat while protecting the muscle you built. Nutrition for bodybuilders in these two phases is practically the same — except for one key factor: you’ll want to eat 115% of your maintenance calorie requirements in the bulking phase to put on weight, and 85% of your maintenance calorie requirements in the cutting phase to reduce fat.

#2: Calculate Your Macros

We know that protein is essential for building muscle, but how much do you really need? According to experts, the best balance of macros for bodybuilding as a professional sport are:

  • 30–35% protein
  • 55–60% carbs
  • 15–20% fat

To work out these values in grams, multiply the percentages by your total calorie goal and convert the resulting values to grams. For protein and carbs, divide each calorie by 4 for grams, and divide each calorie of fat by 9. Here’s an example of nutrition for bodybuilders for someone with a maintenance intake of 2000 calories:

 Bulking PhaseCutting Phase
Protein (g)173-201126-149
Carbs (g)316-345234-255
Fat (g)38-5128-38

#3: Eat A Delicious, Varied Diet

Unfortunately, nutrition for bodybuilders has developed a reputation for monotony. However, far from a diet of pure eggs and chicken, diet plans for bodybuilding can include as much variety as you like — as long as the food is nutritious and you’re including all of your macros and micros.

For protein, consider lesser-known treats like venison and turkey in addition to the usual chicken, beef, and fish. As far as grains, mix up the usual rice and pasta with some quinoa, barley, millet, and couscous. Many international dishes include a healthy balance of proteins, carbs, and fats. Just stay clear of refined sugars and oils that are high in omega-6 fatty acids as these foods are thought to increase inflammation and raise your risk for obesity and heart disease.

#4: Boost Your Results with Workout Supplements

Your weekly meal plan forms the backbone of your personalized nutrition for bodybuilders, but meeting your macros and micros consistently can prove to be more of a challenge. That’s where bodybuilding supplements come in.

Remember those protein values mentioned above? 201 grams of protein is a lot for even the most carnivorous among us — you’d have to eat eight meals every day! Instead of spending all your spare time calculating calories, grams, protein, and minerals, round out your program with the best supplements for muscle growth and supercharge your path to bulk.

In your diet plans for bodybuilding, consider the following evidence-based muscle-building supplements:

Before Your Workout

  • Glycerol monostearate for extra muscle pump
  • Creatine for going a few extra reps
  • Caffeine to reduce fatigue
  • Delta-8 to enhance your workouts

Before or During Your Workout

  • BCAAs and electrolytes to improve muscle hydration

After Your Workout

  • Whey or vegan protein for recovery and muscle repair

Build A Solid Program at LFTD. While there’s no magic pill, solid nutrition for bodybuilders along with the best supplements for muscle growth help you build your best body and keep it by maximizing every effort at the gym.