Top 5 Romantic Places In Sydney For A Beautiful Wedding Venue

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The ideal time for a wedding is at any point through the year. Once you’ve found your other half, and the only thing remaining is to publicly say “I do!”, then you are left with nuances. Picking out dresses, decorations, band, photographer, menu, seating partners… oh yea, and we’ve almost forgotten about the location! Australia offers incredible opportunities to make your dream wedding unforgettable, but what stands out is Sydney, its crowning jewel. All you have to do is pick&choose the ideal space, as we’ve curated the list for you.

1. Exotic Mysticism of Manly Beachside Dojo

At first glance, this does not sound like a very feminine or romantic location, but give it a chance and dive a bit more. If you’ve always imagined your wedding outdoors, you will be pleasantly surprised by the Hamptons-style architecture Beachside Dojo has. The architecture is combined with a dash of Japanese influence, which offers a unique Asian wedding atmosphere to the location.

You will be listening to the waves, while the wind gently blows and brings the scent of the ocean, all the while your favourite music fills the air and being surrounded by loved ones. Everyone will be sitting in a meditative garden of tranquility, appreciating your eco-friendly wedding. The combined picture is an experience to remember for a lifetime. There are pine trees with bamboo architecture and a Dojo built for calming exercises, which can also serve as a giant Japanese hall, offering exotic luxury and experience.

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2. The Secluded Floral Haven of Laurelbank

Kings and queens, princes and princesses all live in tall, luxurious, and sprawling mansions. Their castles evoked great deeds of art, poetry and romance through the years. And in those fairytales, there is always an enchanting cottage in the woods, filled with magic, mystery and romance. Every woman dreams of being a princess in her own fairytale, where her dashing knight will come and they will have a dream wedding. Located in the heart of Sydney’s North Shore, it’s the ideal place when you wish for a luxury wedding venues in North Sydney.

Terraces, gardens, verandas, venues and history are in every corner and flower of this secluded green haven. The local Elans staff are all experienced, friendly and open to making your wedding an unforgettable one. You can ride the carriage being pulled by horses around gardens and fountains, while your guests are dining in cozy, beautiful and floral decorated banquet halls. If you are looking for something unorthodox and green and for something out of this world, then you are in the right place.

3. Rustic and Homestead Wedding at Woods Farm

Down to earth and rustic, inspired by nature and tradition, The Woods Farm represents timeless values. Located on the South Coast, right beside Jarvis Bay, so your guests don’t have to travel far and wide. Scenic vistas of green carpets that sprawl along the countryside will leave your sight lost for a long time. Many such sights are yet to return as the hills, down-to-earth, rustic countryside leaves no one bored. Besides the scenic visage, the entire ambience exudes traditional values, peace and harmony.

When you wish for your marriage to start with traditional wedding vows, then Woods Farm represents the ideal starting point. You even have wooden decks which stand on lakes, and you can time your wedding to sunrise, for an even better chance to experience something unforgettable. Woods Farm may be a farm, but that does not mean you will be lacking luxury, as you can be brought with a horse-pulled chariot, to a premium wooden deck overlooking a beautiful lake. All the elements for a dreamlike village wedding.

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4. All Natural Dunes Palm Beach resort

Going back to your roots, embracing Mother Nature and surrounding yourself with greenery while your white dress shines all around is possible when you reach out to Palm Beach. One of Sydney’s iconic wedding venues, especially in the autumn season when the vibrant colours of the forest are everywhere, making your photo book stand out. Incredible gourmet meals handmade for each guest bring out the intimate atmosphere for each guest sitting inside a themed hall or outside, hand in hand with Mother nature.

The Palm Beach option also includes a wedding planner to help you out with all the minute details and get you on the right track. There is enough stress already associated with weddings, and no one wants that on their special day. With experienced and professional wedding planners and assistants at your side, you can sit back, relax and soak in the authentic, natural experience of Palm Beach.

5.  Embark with Pier One Sydney Harbour Wedding

Embarking on the journey that is marriage, with strong winds in your sails and a firm path set, becomes possible with a bit of assistance from Pier One! Marriage is a journey! One that needs to be celebrated with a proper start. And what better way to embark on it than from a port? Drink and dine to your heart’s content, surrounded by your immediate family and friends in an intimate and sheltered history area of Sydney.

Countless ships have started their voyage from Pier One, and you too can be part of that rich tradition and history. Surrounded by luxury, class and history, you will get the feeling you are on an actual boat, setting sails for new horizons. Overlooking Sydney, you will say “I do!” while harbour winds blow your hair and the fresh scent of adventure and salt is in your lungs. After that, everything else is smooth sailing.

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Wedding days don’t have to be like you’ve heard. They can be all that you imagine them to be. Wonderful, dreamy, romantic, exciting and unforgettable, all these positives are what you need to focus on. Your wedding location is an extension of your personality and wedding theme. When you are browsing for an ideal place, don’t get carried away or lose sight of what’s truly important! And that your ideal partner will be standing next to you, whether you are in a field, castle or an apartment. And that’s all that matters in this world. We wish you all the best.

Dreamy Eco-Friendly Destinations In Australia For A Perfect Wedding

Eco-friendly weddings are becoming more and more popular as people realize how much unnecessary waste they actually create with conventional weddings. A wedding can be as dreamy and magical, even if it is eco-friendly. All you need is eco-friendly or recycled materials, an adjustment of clothing, and the perfect wedding destination. Green is the new colour of romance.

1. Hayman Island

Those who want to get closer to Australia’s most impressive monument of nature- The Great Barrier Reef- should consider holding their wedding at Hayman Island. Not only is this destination the epitome of luxury, but it also offers an unbelievable view across the Reef. Take care to be equally stunning when you first meet the Great Barrier Reef.

You and your guests will be able to enjoy a day infused with a whole other world. The colourful branches of the Reef can’t be missed, and neither can the equally colourful inhabitants living in it. Who knows, you might even be blessed by a majestic sea turtle.

2. Daintree rainforest

Getting married in the heart of the rainforest will be the most amazing thing you’ll experience. The Daintree Rainforest is one of the oldest rainforests in the world, meaning you’ll get to share your special moment with Earth’s core. Of course, the Rainforest is rather welcoming and opens its trees to any couple with pure love for nature and each other.

That being said, you should also know that the Daintree Rainforest is home to many who have deemed the conventional concrete jungle unlivable. If you’re lucky, you may also encounter some indigenous animals in the forest, like the Cassowary.

3. Lord Howe Island

Those looking for a tropical destination have found it. Lord Howe is a small island in the Tasmanian Sea, characterized by its sandy beaches and subtropical forests. It’s the perfect destination for those who love the ocean view as well as the comfort and adventure the forest provides.

Untouched nature will be at your fingertips, allowing you to bring a whole new dimension to the word “eco-friendly.” You’re bound to be amazed by the view on top of the island as well as the feel of the perfect sand between your toes and the cold ocean breeze.

4. Hunter Valley

One of the things that makes weddings in Hunter Valley stunning is the scenery. The rolling greenery and vineyards provide a unique view for you and your guests. The scenery also creates an intimate atmosphere, making the wedding even more romantic. As well as that, you are always in sync with nature, as you are completely enveloped by it.

Hunter Valley is also famous for being home to Australian finest wines, so you and your guests will be able to revel in the tastes of nature, as well. As far as the wedding grounds are concerned, the perfect eco-friendly venue awaits. You can count on the accommodation being eco-friendly, too. The rest comes down to you.

5. Gunners Barracks

Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful sights Australia has to offer. That being said, it’s not very eco-friendly, and thereby doesn’t make the ideal location for your wedding. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a destination you could go to that had a view of luxury but met your eco-friendly standards? Well, you’re lucky that there is. Gunners Barracks is a heritage site that looks upon the amazing Sydney Harbour, thus combining your need to preserve the environment and marvel at the modern beauty that is the Harbour.

This is a historic sight which means it showcases the beauty of both nature and history in this region. The thing that makes the nature pop is the fact that Gunners Barracks are settled between the mesmerizing bushland of Georges Heights and Mosman. Not only is the area eco-friendly, but it’s also luxurious and very dreamy. From the moment you see it, you want to take advantage of the venue and the high quality services it has to offer. As well as being a place where you can get high tea and lunch, Gunners Barracks is no stranger to hosting weddings and events, either. This means that you won’t have to worry about your wedding being anything less than perfect. The people working here are professionals who know exactly what to do to make your big day extra special without compromising nature for it.

What makes the venue truly perfect for a wedding is the fact that it’s so secluded and romantic. You’ll get to share the most special and remarkable moment of your life with only the ones you care about. At least for a day, Gunners Barracks will be your oasis and little world where you’re royalty. The vintage charm is bound to sweep you off your feet, too. This is truly the other, more romantic and meaningful side of fairytale weddings. It focuses on the feelings and comfort instead of the flashy details. Add a magnificent wedding cake to the mix and you’ve got the wedding of your dreams.

6. Blue Mountains

If you’re looking for a unique and authentic experience in nature, your wedding should definitely be at the Blue Mountains. Not only is the scenery absolutely perfect for an eco-friendly wedding, so is the accommodation. Thanks to the stunning tree house cabin, you’ll get to feel like you’re one with nature even when you’re not actually outside.

There is no better décor than nature itself, which is why the cabin is surrounded in glass, not letting you miss the moment of the world. Your wedding will be marked by stunning details, mesmerizing trees and plants native to the region, and unforgettable views. Don’t forget your camera.

7. Uluru

Located in the heart and centre of Australia, Uluru is one of the country’s symbols that you’ll surely adore. Commonly known as the red country, Uluru can offer a plethora of activities for your wedding. The adventurous couple will love to get to know the wildlife, as Uluru is home to many native Australian animals that you won’t encounter anywhere else. As well as that, you can count on some cultural and educational activities, bringing you and your guests closer to Australia and its nature.

The location itself is rather scenic, providing a romantic and kind of rustic ambience, ideal for any wedding. The reception itself might be magical, but you’ll fall in love with your wedding every time you open the photo album and see the way the light reflects and the sun shines in each photograph.

8. Paronella Park

If you’re dreaming of a royal wedding but don’t want to leave a footprint on the world that such a wedding would leave, Paronella Park is perfect for you. Located in Queensland, this fairytale location is surrounded by nature. You could get married in a castle while still being surrounded by a rainforest. Not only will you be surrounded by a rainforest, but you’ll also get to enjoy the nature. After all, there are tennis courts, bridges, and a tunnel all in the same place. Can you imagine the amazing wedding photos that can come out of this venue?

There’s no better way to commemorate your wedding and make it more eco-friendly than to completely tie it to nature. If you need one more reason to choose this destination, you’ve got it. You and your guests will also be able to enjoy a picnic right next to the most mesmerizing waterfalls you’ll ever see. On top of all that, you’ll be happy to know that this destination is Eco accredited. Your dreams of getting married in a truly eco-friendly location with all the luxury it can offer can finally come true.


As you can see, Australia has a lot to offer to the eco-friendly couple. Not only will these destinations bring out the caring nature and love for the world you carry within, but they’ll also be excellent for bringing romance up to a whole new level. Your dream day will be unique, magical, but also socially responsible. In other words, it will be what we all want our wedding to be: perfect.