Peppermint Marshmellow Sticks for Coffee or Hot Chocolate

486313_10151339066406425_1999099939_nWhat a great treat to have with a warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Warm candy can tip over heat and push into marshmallow. Warm marshmallow and sprinkle red and green sprinkles on. Refrigerate so your creations will remain perfect until you serve them.

An Interior Desgners Gingerbread House


Every year James Deartron makes a ginger­bread house part of his holiday decora­tions. His professional experience gives him lots of good ideas for decorating the delicious structure, and he has become known around town for these clever cre­ations. Here are some of his tips.

Cotton batting is perfect for smoke com­ing out of the chimney.

Un-shelled sunflower seeds give the look of flagstones.

Chocolate-covered   graham   crackers pave the walkway outside the house.

White frosting makes good snow; to cre­ate the effect of rooftop icicles, allow frosting to drip down eaves.

Powdered sugar resembles the freshly fallen snow.

Pine cones provide some outdoor land­scaping (tip them with frosting for snow).

A red-and-white  peppermint drop is a good stained-glass window.

Meringue latticework is used for the doors and windows, which are glued to gingerbread pillars with royal icing (a mix­ture of egg whites and powdered sugar).