Garden Pot Tower

pot recycle terra cotta birdbath plants flowers gardenItems Needed:

Garden stake 4′ tall

5 small Terra Cotta pots

1 large thick plastic dish

Small plants/Flowers

Garden soil


Hammer the plant stake into the ground and make sure it is secure because it will need to hold a lot of weight. Place the first pot onto the stake and have it go even onto the ground. Fill with dirt. Next pot goes on but this time let it lean to one side. Fill with dirt. Next pot goes on and tilt o opposite side and then fill with dirt. Do that for the last pot as well except this time you fill with gravel and balance the plastic bowl onto the top and fill with water. Once this is done and the pots are filled it is very very sturdy. Plant small flowers and plants in your pots and appreciate how simple this is to make. It will be a nice addition to your garden. You can paint your pots with vivid colors also to add even more design. If you choose you can “goop” glue your plastic bowl onto the top but the gravel does need to go in first as the weight of this is what keeps the whole thing nice and tight.




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