Home Workout Essentials For Cleansing & Detoxing


You’ve been thinking about taking better care of yourself for a while now, but you’re not sure where to start. You might have no experience in creating a consistent regimen or you may not have all the tools you need to ensure a quality experience. Well, this guide is here to help with step-by-step solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Cleansing the Mind

Sometimes, you need to cleanse your mind in order to find the motivation you need to refocus on an old habit or start a new one. If working out consistently is your end goal, you’ll need to learn how to retrain your brain to accept new habits.

Start Small

Don’t dive right into a two-hour workout session that leaves you too exhausted to think the next day. Accept your inexperience and limitations to ensure you’re working on something that’s well within your capabilities. Explore workout routines for your level, whether it’s 10-15 minutes of strength training exercises, a 30-minute walk, or spending an hour on the treadmill. Be honest with what you can accomplish, and you’ll be able to develop more consistency.

Stack Your Habits

Try to tie your new workout habit to an existing habit you already do consistently. Do you meditate in the afternoons? End your session with a short workout. Do you love watching television at the end of your day? Set up a workout mat in front of the TV and do some exercises while watching your favorite shows. Stacking your habits is far more likely to make a new one stick.

Make it Daily

Consistency is key! It can take more than a month to make a habit automatic. Whether it’s a walk before dinner or a daily set of push-ups, keep at it every day until you move to complete your workout without thinking!

Make it Easy

This isn’t about creating an easy workout routine! Making it easy means eliminating any extra steps before you can jump right into a workout, like packing your gym bag in advance, getting a treadmill for your home, or scheduling a workout date with a buddy. The fewer steps it takes to get you working out, the more likely you are to start.

Reward Yourself

Reinforce your workout habit with a reward. While weight loss or better overall health are rewards that naturally occur in the long-term, you can treat yourself in the short-term with smaller incentives to ensure you continue working out every day.

Cleansing the Body

So now that you know what it takes to create a healthy habit and make it stick, it’s time to maximize your attempts and ensure you feel great as you take your first steps. Whether it’s stopping unhealthy habits or taking better care of existing health conditions, a cleanse or detox is a great way to prep your body for the workout to come.

Detox or Cleanse

Whether you eat unhealthy foods or smoke too much, there are many obstacles on the path to creating a healthy workout habit. With a detox or cleanse, you can help your body start fresh and minimize the chances of extra hurdles from bad habits. Consider nicotine patches to help you quit smoking, cut down on alcohol and sugar to improve your diet, and maybe even buy a THC detox kit to expel cannabinoids from your system.

Managing Health Conditions

Many people find that they struggle during a workout not because of unhealthy eating habits or drug use, but because of personal health conditions. Talk to your doctor about the best ways to monitor and care for your condition so that you can experience a workout without debilitating pain, difficulty breathing, or other concerns. From diabetes testing kits to compression garments, there are a number of opportunities to set yourself up for success.

Cleansing the Space

You might prefer working out at home but find it hard to start because your space constantly seems crowded or dirty. It’s time to refresh your environment with some spring cleaning. While general decluttering and organizing is a good starting point, you want to reinvent your home with a workout space in mind.

Where will you put your yoga mat? Where are you going to store your weights? Do you want to buy an upright bike or treadmill so you can do cardio at home? Think about what your preferred workout methods entail, and make sure you develop a space that hones in on those desires.

Preparing Your Equipment

Your mind, body, and space are well on their way to maximizing this new healthy habit, but it’s time to consider some essential equipment and accessories. Depending on your workout style, you’ll find there are obvious tools that will make their way onto your shopping list, including:

  • Workout Clothing
  • Running/Tennis Shoes
  • Headphones
  • Foam Roller
  • Workout Mat
  • Weights
  • Weight Lifting Gloves
  • Deodorant
  • Reusable Water Bottle

You should also consider prepping healthy snacks for your post-workout cravings, as well as bathroom essentials if you’re heading to the gym. Pack your gym bag with a body towel, sweat towel, body wash, and other personal toiletries just in case your facility doesn’t provide them.

Ready to get started? Jump on this journey and watch as your life changes with a new healthy habit you’ll soon come to love!


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