Fully Refresh Your Living Space And Mind During Spring Cleaning


When does everyone start adopting the mantra, “out with the old, in with the new?” Springtime, of course. When winter leaves us and all of the pretty flowers, plants, trees, and buds blossom, all of us start thinking about reviving our living spaces.

However, spring cleaning should encompass more than straightening up your house and getting rid of things you no longer need. Instead, your spring cleaning activities should also be geared toward refreshing your holistic health.

Your physical health, mental wellness, and emotional well-being benefit when you spring clean effectively. Let’s explore those benefits in-depth and how to fully refresh your living space and mind during your spring cleaning. 

Organize and Declutter

Getting rid of things you no longer need and organizing your living space are critical for a total refresh this spring. It’s one thing to deep clean, redecorate your rooms, refresh paint, and add new accessories to your household. It’s another to organize and declutter it.

Be sure to clean and organize your surfaces while also removing as much clutter as possible. As a result, you’ll be able to do more in your physical spaces. Additionally, organizing and removing clutter from your home will prompt you to declutter your mind. This will improve your focus, productivity, and inner peace.

So, start with one room, go section by section in that room, make a decluttering checklist, and take breaks during the process when needed.

Additionally, don’t just organize and declutter your living space, redecorate and refresh it, as we mentioned above.

Redecorate and Refresh Your Living Space

Redecorating and refreshing your living space is integral to your spring cleaning. It starts with a deep cleaning of every room in your home, from your bedroom to the kitchen to the dining room to the bathroom to the living room, and beyond.

By deep cleaning your entire living space, you can clear any allergens, dust, and other toxins that could’ve been affecting your physical and mental health.

Then, redecorate your rooms with new accessories. Refresh them with new paint on the walls to create a relaxing atmosphere. Experiment with new lighting. Also, re-pot your houseplants and add more greenery to your house for better air quality and natural vibes.

Once you’ve tackled your physical living space, work on fully refreshing your mind.

Strengthen Your Mindset

Fully refreshing your mind is a long-term process. However, you can get started during your spring cleaning. Commit to strengthening your mindset this spring so that it becomes inherently positive over time.

With a better mindset, you start to see life as happening for you instead of to you. You’re able to better embrace change by asking yourself, “what can I learn from this experience?”

Start strengthening your mindset by keeping a journal. Document how your mindset evolves and what your emotions do because of that evolution. Also, begin doing daily affirmations and immediately replace any negative thoughts with positive ones. Don’t allow negative thoughts and vibes to perpetuate this spring.

Also, take self-care seriously when refreshing your living space and mind during spring cleaning.

Take Self-Care Seriously

Your living space isn’t the only thing that needs love this spring. You must focus on taking care of yourself during your spring cleaning. Learning to care for and love yourself is the key to fully refreshing your mind, heart, and spirit.

Valuing yourself more and filling your life with purpose and passion is directly connected to creating a self-care routine and sticking to it. So, first, get rid of bad habits, people, and influences in your life. Then, implement a self-care routine that helps you develop positive habits, surrounds you with good souls, and even better influences.

Also, practice mindfulness and meditation. By doing so, your mind will become more precise. You’ll also be more emotionally grounded and spiritually connected. Start with just a minute of meditation a day to ensure you aren’t taking on more than you can commit to.

Lastly, address how you’re going to fuel your body during spring cleaning.

Pay Attention to How You Fuel Your Body

It’s so important to pay attention to how you fuel your body this spring. This means implementing a regular exercise routine and good nutrition.

Feeding your body the right things and exercising it regularly increases energy, keeps you in peak physical condition, betters your focus, and boosts self-confidence. Focus more on consistency than anything regarding exercise.

In addition, learn about food and nutrition. Dive deep into how to fuel your body with food rather than just eating what tastes good. Explore plant-based, keto, low-carb, and other diets until you find the one you can stick with long-term.


Hopefully, this article gives you a starting point for fully refreshing your living space and your mind during your spring cleaning. Remember, “out with the old, in with the new.” That goes for your living space, mindset, physical health, and emotional well-being. 


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